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It’s a must to have a Recruiter within your professional network

It’s a must to have a Recruiter within your professional network.jpgI’ve come across a number of forums online, where people are discussing whether one should accept a request from a recruiter on social networking sites like LinkedIn. Most people on these forums felt that, recruiters just build their network and add a few names to their database which he/she can later on boast about to his/her clients. Few others assumed that they do not need a recruiter, as they have no intentions of a job change; so why have a recruiter within the network now.

Well my answer to this question is “YES, you do need a recruiter”

We all use social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter to connect with professionals from our industry. Yes it is true!! Like you, recruiters too network and connect with professionals within the sector they recruit in. It’s part of a recruiter’s job – to build and connect with the best talent within his niche sector and Here’s why professionals should  be part of a recruiter’s network and vice versa

  • Boost your chances of finding suitable job opportunities: It’s best to have a recruiter in your network no matter what your current plan is – whether you’re actively looking for a new job, just keeping your options open or haven’t really thought of a job change yet. Recruiters have direct access to hiring manager and HR managers, you don’t have to rely on job boards to get you your next best career opportunity. If your recruiter has a job opportunity he will approach you himself, because after all your conversations with the recruiter, he now understands your career really well. He knows your strengths and weaknesses, he understands your personality and what kinds of work culture you would fit into and therefore they would approach you with a job opportunity that he believes is the best for your career graph.
  • Get an insight of the latest trends in your industry: Having a recruiter in your circle increases the chances of you knowing what the current job scenario is like in your industry, what are the current hiring or salary trends. Recruiters speak to several candidates similar to you every single day. They have the most realistic understanding of the sector. Having a recruiter in your network is like having a crystal ball that gives you an insight into what is actually happening within your sector, be it people moving jobs, companies doing well, hiring, laying off, future trends etc. all this information in turn helps you plan the next course of action.
  • Leverage on their large network: You maybe of an opinion that being in the industry means you can beat a recruiter in the number of contacts he has within the industry, but that may not be true. Like I mentioned earlier, networking and connecting with star performers within their niche is part of a recruiter’s every day routine, Be it – hiring managers, HR manager or professionals who may or may not be actively looking for a job. By no chance one can say that their network is bigger than that of a niche recruiter. Having a recruiter within your network means indirectly having access to his/her vast network of professionals from your industry.
  • They know employers better than you: Recruiters are constantly speaking to hiring managers and have successfully filled positions for their clients. Having worked with employers several times, filling key positions has helped nurture trust worthy relations between them and their client. Recruiters not only understand the roles they are working on but also the employer’s company culture, work ethics as they have worked with the client for a while. Companies trust their recruiters and most importantly listen to them and consider them as trusted advisors who are there to help them fulfill their hiring needs. Candidates that are shortlisted by them are therefore considered to be the best fit – qualified, interested & motivated and not just picked randomly from a job portal.
  • Not all jobs are on the portal: Many times it so happens that when we are exploring job opportunities, we look up job portals. But, let me tell you this, not all jobs are posted on job portals. Sometimes vacancies are given to a specific recruiter exclusively and these jobs are not found on any job portal. Recruiters headhunt for the best candidates from within their existing contacts, professionals whom they have been speaking to for a while and have understood their career and career aspirations and therefore can confidently place them before their clients as candidates.
  • Recruiters don’t just find you jobs: You don’t need a recruiter only for a job; recruiters are more than just that. Recruiters are career advisors, mentors, confidantes. They could help you understand what’s in store for your industry incase it’s not doing well. Sometimes a recruiter can help a family member in his career move, guide your child for his first interview, advise you on how to negotiate an offer, prep you on how to resign from your current job, how to tackle a counter offer and so many other important aspects related to careers.


The evolution of technology and social media has brought the world closer; today people are more accessible and easily approachable. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need recruiters. Recruiters are more than just human job boards. Having a recruiter in your database means having a career coach, friend, confidante who will guide you along your career.

This article is authored by Mr. Joseph Devasia, Managing Director, Antal International India


3 New Offices join the Antal India Network

Every month, Antal is welcoming new franchise owners to its global network and Antal International India is pleased to welcome 3 more owners who joined our growing network in April 2016.  Currently with 44 offices in India, Antal hopes to exceed 100 offices in India by 2020.

The April 2016 Induction class saw professionals from different fields turning into recruiters and embarking into a new entrepreneurial journey with Antal.

We are proud to introduce our newly inducted Managing Partners

  • Madhukar Rao and Vinay Pandey who are based in Bangalore will recruit in sales within Life Insurance industry
  • Jose Mathew, based in Mumbai will recruit within IT/ ITES and Pharma sector
  • Indeep Bhatia based in Noida will recruit within Power sector

From the Left: Indeep Bhatia, Vinay Pandey, Madhukar Rao, Jose Matthew


“Since, Antal’s entry into the Indian market 10 years ago we have been growing significantly. Today, we have 44 offices in India and looking to add 20 more offices this year. In these 10 years we have built strong business relationships and have worked with over 500 companies in India and have successfully filled 3000+ positions at the mid & senior level and with pride I can say that today, Antal is one of the most trusted recruitments brand in the country. This has been possible only because of our growing network which consists of professionals who bring in years of industry experience which is then combined with our recruitment expertise to help companies find the best talent.”

Recently concluded Induction Class: New Owners and Consultants from across India

Recently concluded Induction Class: New Owners and Consultants from across India

About Antal: Antal International Network are a global Executive Recruitment firm combining permanent, temporary, interim and contract recruitment solutions launched in 1993 by Mr. Tony Goodwin. Headquartered in London, Antal today has over 130 offices in 36 countries. Antal International entered the Indian markets in late 2006. Our 1st franchisee Mr. Joseph Devasia established his business since Jan 2007, being extremely successful in the initial years. Antal realized immediately that this was a goldmine waiting to be explored, hence in late 2008; Doug Bugie who was then CEO at Antal International Network floated the idea of franchising further in India and suggested that Joseph could enter into a JV with Antal to help expand its footprints further in the Indian recruitment industry.

Since then began Antal’s journey of franchising in India and over the years since then, we have been able to establish 44 successful franchises across 14 cities. Antal through its franchise model allows you to build your own executive recruitment business and at the same time be part of 22 year old global recruitment company with 130+ offices in 33 countries across the globe. For more Information, visit our website – ;

Here’s what you should do when you get a counter offer from your organisation!

You have put in your papers and you have been called by the HR. Your company makes you a counter offer, which is very lucrative. So what should you do? Should you still continue with your resignation? Is it a wise idea to accept the counteroffer and stay in the same company?

“Counter Offer phenomenon exists across the board, regardless of size, nationality, scope of the employer organisation and its acceptance also cuts across gender, experience and education level of the individuals in question,” said Joseph Devasia, managing director of Antal Consultants International.

According to a study by the organisation, most counter offers are made to employees in the middle and senior level management. Employees generally belong to the age group of 29 years to 45 years. However, the findings of the survey are not much encouraging. Respondents have accepted that promises made during the counter offer have not been kept.

The report found out that 82% respondents, who were promised a title change, are still continuing with the same designation and title. On the other hand, 73% respondents, who were promised a change in their job profile, were still performing the same role. Sadly, 58% of the respondents, who were promised a compensation hike as part of the counter offer, never got any increase.
Similarly, the issues that led to resignation in the first place have remained unresolved. The survey suggested that 52% employees said that the organisation made no change in the concerns that prompted them to put in their papers in the first place – primary among them were inability to manage work life balance, and limitations with role scope itself.
“Nearly 83% of such respondents reported that when they spoke to their bosses about the issues being persistent, the bosses threw up their hands and firmly told them that they (the bosses) can’t change any issue/situation,” noted Devasia.

Interestingly, the callous attitude of the organisation towards their employees has resulted in employees looking for a job again. As per the study, 55% of the respondents reported increased levels of unhappiness and a decline in their commitment. While 33% of the respondents who were experiencing these negative emotions, when contacted for the survey, have already moved to other organisations.

So, what should one do when faced with a counter offer from their current employer?

Devasia suggested that if a job seeker has already reached a stage with a prospective employer, and there still some ambiguity regarding the shift, it is better to ask for clarity before advancing towards the offer.

“Once you accept the offer, there is increased expectations on resignation – where apart from the pain of separation, you will most likely be counter offered – Do yourself a favour- don’t put yourself in an emotionally exhausting situation. Stay the course and abide by your commitment. If you have decided to move, do just that,” he asserted.

Additionally, he said, “Ask yourself, if you are looking to renege on your commitment to the new employer, what guarantees that your current boss will not renege on his promises to you?”

So, the next time, you are counter offered a job post your resignation, it is advisable that you sit and think through the decision. If there have been too many unresolved challenges in your current organisation, chances are that they will remain the same.

This article was published in BusinessInsider India on January 29th, 2016

Global employment survey finds job markets improving around the world

The 18th edition of the Antal Global Snapshot on the hiring and firing trends covering more than 9,500 organisations in 30 key countries has found job prospects for professionals and managers continuing to improve.

The ‘Global Snapshot’ project from the international recruitment firm, Antal International, asked 9,570 companies in major markets whether they were currently hiring at professional and managerial level. It then asked whether they planned to do so in the coming quarter and whether they were currently letting staff go or were planning to do so in the next three months.

Current hiring across the globe was up from 68% of respondents in January 2015 to 70% now. And the percentage of organisations intending to hire in the coming quarter was also up from 66% to 68%. At the same time the percentage of organisations intending to shed staff had fallen from 24% to 19% now.


In India, 2,292 companies took part in the survey to find out the hiring trends at professional and managerial level. The survey found that the percentage of companies currently hiring in India stands at 63%, a 10% rise year-on-year and per predictions made in September 2014. This indicates that the continuing growth of the Indian economy is reflected in the demand for qualified managers and professionals. Recruitment levels remained positive with 88% of organizations planning to increase their head count and 29%of businesses currently shedding their staff

The Accounting (79%) sector along with Education (78%), E-commerce (74%), SSC/BPO (73%), IT (67%), Banking (65%), Pharma (62%), FMCG (60%), to name a few, reported the highest percentage of current hiring as nearly all of those questioned reported they were currently taking on staff in these fields. Whereas in the next quarter sectors like ICT Hardware (83%), Electronics (75%), Accounting (74%), E-commerce  (71%), SSC/BPO (69%), Marketing Advertising (68%), show positive hiring trends


As far as Disciplines are concerned, experienced professionals in several key disciplines such as Accounting & Finance, Human Resource, Operation and Sales & Marketing are in markedly short supply in India. Construction and Banking professionals can expect high levels of competition for jobs in the coming months


Get your copy of the 18th Antal Global Snapshot Now >>

As recruitment experts, Antal recruiters possess a depth of market experience and knowledge that enables us to procure the best talent for your business. We’re able to operate within shorter timescales, with full understanding of your requirements – leading to better, faster and more successful placements. If you are looking for exceptional talent to join your team, visit our website to find your nearest Antal recruiter.

An opportunity to start your own Recruitment Business under a Global Brand Name

Are you based in or around Delhi and are looking to become an Entrepreneur?

Creative 3- Exhibition

Meet us at FRO Delhi on October 18 & 19, 2015

If you are at the FRO Delhi, Pragati Maidan, visit us at Stall No 201 and meet the Antal India Team. Our team will speak to you in detail as to how you can start a profitable recruitment business with Antal International in India.

The Antal International Group of Companies has been operating for 22 years and was founded in 1993 by Tony Goodwin.  Antal had been tried, tested and proven through a number of successful ‘Company Owned’ offices before franchising the brand in 2002.

This means we remain fully involved in the business of recruitment and are in the ultimate position to share information, train and advise our owners on current best practice.

As a franchise owner you will be perfectly positioned to develop a profitable business in this low overhead/high return industry. You will launch and operate your business using our globally recognised brand and award winning methodology, all backed by a leading team of recruitment and franchising specialists. When you join Antal you will be joining an award winning Franchisor, externally recognised for their achievements in recruitment, franchising, entrepreneurialism and training.


Discover more about the Antal Franchise, Philosophy, Methodology and Execution by meeting our team at Stall No 201 @ Pragati Maidan on October 18 & 19, 2015

Antal India launches 3 new franchise offices in India, 1st office in Chandigarh

Mumbai: Antal International, India – Global Executive Recruitment business today announced that the launch of 3 new franchised offices in India taking their total no to 37 offices across India in 15 cities, Chandigarh being the latest addition. Antal continues to move towards its commitment to the Indian market by executing its expansion plans. Globally too, Antal has launched 3 news offices across Europe: France, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania in September 2015


Induction Class held on September 21 – Oct 1, 2015

Since February 2015, Antal has successfully launched 8 offices across the country – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Chandigarh. The new owners are

1. Nitin Bhojani, based in Mumbai will recruit for mid & senior executives within BSFI as a sector and also for F&A functions across sectors
2. Rajesh Khanna based in Chandigarh will recruit for mid & senior executives for Inside Sales roles across sectors
3. Amish Bhatt based in Mumbai will recruit for mid & senior Project Managers in EPS especially within sectors like Energy, Power & Renewables

Joseph Devasia, Managing Director, Antal International, India commenting on this growth says, “The opening of these new offices is a result of our continued hard work to push forward with our expansion plans in India and gain market share through our franchise model. To cater to their hiring needs, Indian companies are looking specialist recruiters who understand sectors and disciplines microscopically, and this is exactly what Antal does. Our new offices will enable us to further leverage our expertise and deliver our services across various new sectors and disciplines. The current hiring scenario is buzzing; however there is a huge dent in the availability of reliable industry/discipline specialist recruiters, who can be advisors to companies looking for talent.”

About Antal: Antal International Network are a global Executive Recruitment firm combining permanent, temporary, interim and contract recruitment solutions launched in 1993 by Mr. Tony Goodwin. Headquartered in London, Antal today has over 130 offices in 36 countries. Antal International entered the Indian markets in late 2006. Our 1st franchisee Mr. Joseph Devasia established his business since Jan 2007, being extremely successful in the initial years. Antal realized immediately that this was a goldmine waiting to be explored, hence in late 2008; Doug Bugie who was then CEO at Antal International Network floated the idea of franchising further in India and suggested that Joseph could enter into a JV with Antal to help expand its footprints further in the Indian recruitment industry.

Since then began Antal’s journey of franchising in India and over the years since then, we have been able to establish 34 successful franchises across 13 cities. Antal through its franchise model allows you to build your own executive recruitment business and at the same time be part of 22 year old global recruitment company with 120 offices in 30 countries across the globe.For more Information, visit our website –

Why recruitment business suits entrepreneurs @ 40

old-man(200x200)821Someone has rightly said that don’t wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. So, beginning your career once again at 40 and providing franchising avenues to others too, can be a great opportunity. Here, experts from the HR (Human Resource) and recruitment industry tell you that why taking a plunge in the sector after 40 can be a wise choice.

On the work front, in the same company, opportunities for growth may be getting limited- both lateral and upwards. It could be that there is some strategic over haul happening, and that puts you at a disadvantage or limits your role. Joseph Devasia, MD, Antal International India explains:

“Here are two great reasons why a business in Recruitment becomes a choice of vocation in your 40s:

Your experience: By the time you are 40 years old, you have gained enough experience in the market – this gives you an edge over many recruiters who recruit with no industrial knowledge. You know the industry by its length and breadth, you understand what talents and skills are required to fill a role, you know how the remuneration cycle works within that industry, you understand the role, you know the kind of talent that is available in the market.

Your Network: During your tenure with a particular industry, you’ve probably met all the movers and shakers within your industry and that again gives you the edge over your competitors, you have more personal and professional connections to take advantage of. Aside from the connections you already have, you’re decades ahead of the competition in terms of interpersonal skills. Take networking events, for example. You’ll often see familiar faces at these gatherings–it’s almost like you’re all in a support group together. Plus, consider all the referral opportunities that you have to your disposal. Six Degrees of Separation really don’t apply in your case.

Recruitment sector is ever growing

As long as there are students passing out of colleges, there will be need of jobs and better recruitment specialists. Aroon Balakrishnan, MD, Waays & Solutions says: “I started at the age of 33, today I am 38. I feel, an experience the individual has gained in the sector where he’s spent most of his career span, he knows the pros and cons of the sector as a whole. Secondly, a matured and experienced person in the sector will have a great network that he has created for years. At the age of 40, which is just about mid life crisis and where a person feels that he needs to discontinue from corporate culture and start something on his own, Recruitment as a career is surely a suitable choice.”

40’s is the phase when you are too young to retire yet too old to get a new job. On the positive aspects, Ajit Kumar Singh, CEO & MD, Unidus Services Manpower Pvt Ltd comments: “The best solution is to start your own business. You may consider being an entrepreneur and your experience is an advantage in putting up your own company. Changing a career from a full time paid job to a business is a process that can be fun, self awakening, and can give you a new zeal for living.”

Need of niche recruiters

There is also movement of employers preferring to work with niche recruiters. Niche recruiters are specialists- they don’t cater to all sectors- they cater to the industry/market that they are familiar with and confident about; and this is what makes them successful. Devasia from Antal comments: “They know the needs of their clients and understand talent in their sector and hence are able to understand the best talent for their clients.”

Important part of the leadership team

Mumbai-based, Talent Corner HR Services Pvt. Ltd is one such organisation that truly supports individuals aspiring to do big after the age of 40. Rashesh Doshi, MD of the company comments: “I joined this business when I was 20 and now I am 32. However, most of my team members who are successful are either 40+ or are close to touching their 40’s. These people are a very important part of my leadership team and my decision making process.

Here are three important points why people after 40’s make a great choice in recruitment-

  • Clearer Goals: Most People above 40 have clearer goals and therefore instead of going for long leaps they understand the importance of baby steps. It is this attitude that helps them do well.
  • Relationship Management: Young People have their own set of challenges revolving around life and therefore they tend to lose sight of the importance of managing relationships with their clients. The Older you get, the more you start valuing this. Most people who understand the concept of relationship management will infer that recruitment is not a transactional game but its success lies in being able to manage relationships.
  • Sense of Maturity: Any candidate is more comfortable being interviewed by a matured person, who understands the importance of that conversation. Maturity also gives the recruiter an ability to have more rationale and reasonable conversation with the client. The client usually gives a more patient hearing to someone with experience of life.

– See more at:

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