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Are your fears holding you back from taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge?

There is so much planning that goes into starting a business – arranging finances, making a business plan, organizing the infrastructure etc., but there’s something more that is important that one should consider before commencing their entrepreneurial journey – being prepared from the inside & ready to face your fears and the challenges ahead!

To paraphrase Brain Tracy “The Key to Success is to focus our Conscious Mind on Things we Desire not Things we Fear.”

There are many people who aspire to become Entrepreneurs but few make it happen. Every Entrepreneur – failed or successful goes through fear and anxiety before launching their business. However, there is a difference between the two – the successful entrepreneur faces and overcomes fear while the other gives into his fear and quits.

Have you been nurturing an entrepreneurial dream but your inner fears are holding you back?

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, there are many known and unknown hurdles at every stage that one needs to endure.  Like Brain Tracy rightly says; In such situations an entrepreneur needs to focus on his goal and work towards achieving it rather than focusing on his fears and anxieties.

If your fear is holding you back from taking the entrepreneurial plunge, review this list of fears that are holding you back and learn how it’s possible to overcome them:

  • Fear of Failure: It is often assumed that entrepreneurs do not fail; every entrepreneurial venture is successful; sadly, this is not true. Failure happens to lots of people. Most successful entrepreneurs have faced failures, endured it, learnt from it, moved on and then succeeded. If fear of failure is holding you back from starting your own business, remember you’re not alone. You have to keep your goal is mind and focus on it instead. Failure is inevitable but it’s how you overcome it, is what determines your entrepreneurial success.
  • Lack of confidence, not being an expert: It’s always advisable to venture into an industry/business that you have been passionate about. It’s absolutely essential to have some understanding of the business you are getting into so that you know enough about your product or service to be able to sell it to your clients. At the same time you always have to be open to learning, as willingness to learn will help you grow and succeed & there is so much knowledge that you will pick up on the way.
  • Fear of quitting your job: Moving out of their comfort zone is a common fear faced by aspiring entrepreneurs who fear losing out on income and not being able to manage responsibilities. There is no guarantee that your business will make money in its initial stages and therefore the initial days can be difficult especially if you have a family and are the sole bread winner of the family.In such a situation it is best to have your family’s complete support and cooperation. To prepare for this you have to manage your finances to take care of your personal & professional needs. There is no guaranteed timeline as to when you will start generating income.  The best solution to overcome this is to plan yourself well (financially, mentally and emotionally) till a period where you guarantee projected revenues.
  • Fear of rejection: We want to be accepted, appreciated and rejection is most dreaded. No one wants to be told that their idea is not great, that their services are not better than competitors. The key is to keep in mind that rejections are stepping stones to understand why people are rejecting your product/idea and improve it.

Learning and growing comes hand in hand in Entrepreneurship. Being fearless would also be overconfident which may not be good for a new business. Fear is good and it’s normal to have worries & anxieties as these will help you keep your head on your shoulders and think through the decisions that you make especially when you’re faced by difficulties.

Entrepreneurship is for people with fears, anxieties and who are well prepared and willing to face their fears, learn & overcome them rather than giving up when the Going gets Tough!

Looking to start your own business?

Meet us at the Franchise India Expo, on May 20 & 21, 2017 @ Stall No 7


This summer kickstart your own recruitment business with Antal International.

Antal International is a 24+ year’s global executive recruitment business with 146+ offices across 33+ countries. Antal as a brand came to India 10 years ago and since then we have helped many aspiring entrepreneurs coming from professional backgrounds establish their own successful recruitment business.

Antal International not only gives you an opportunity to earn a significant profit from a relatively low investment (approx. 10 – 15 lakhs) but also grooms you as a recruitment leader & mentor who facilitate the career growth of candidates by coaching them and finding them the right opportunity as well as advice clients on how to meet their business goals by hiring the right people.

As a franchise owner you will be perfectly positioned to develop a profitable business in this low overhead/high return industry. You will launch and operate your business using our globally recognized brand and award winning methodology, all backed by a leading team of recruitment and franchising specialists. When you join Antal you will be joining an award winning Franchisor, externally recognized for their achievements in recruitment franchising, entrepreneurialism and training.

Why Join Antal International

  • Leverage from a global brand represented across 33 countries (144 offices).
  • Shared business through our global network of offices. Our franchisees add 15-25% to their revenues through sharing candidates, clients and fees
  • Access to thousands of blue chip multinational clients
  • Comprehensive training for you and your staff throughout the full term of the franchise license
  • Regular international networking, training, strategy events and conferences
  • Weekly Antal Now call facilitating business sharing

For more comprehensive information on Antal International Network recruitment franchising log onto

Should you wish to set-up a meeting with us during FRO Mumbai, please contact Ms. Jheel Kacharia @ or Mr. Joseph Britto @






This could be a life changing opportunity for YOU!

With all the “Disruption” going on in the Corporate World, have you seriously considered that a change –  a new venture a business of your own?

Why not consider becoming your own boss and setting up your own Consulting Firm?

At Antal International, we help people who have a great background and network in different sectors and industries to set up their own recruitment business. All you need is your past experience and knowledge coupled with the eagerness to pick up the phone and talk to people!

During our training sessions, we teach business professionals that are experts in their fields how to become successful recruiters. We train them on how to find and approach the right candidates and how to build relationships with clients creating long term business opportunities and trust. We teach our owners how to focus on the one market segment they know best as this is one of the many things that will differentiate them from the crowd. Knowing their market, sectors and a perfect understanding of the role to fill are key to a successful and long relationship with the clients and candidates.

Thus, we provide the tools to get started and the advice to reach out, the only thing you need is the drive to move things forward.

Our aim is to have a positive impact on people’s lives and on companies’ profits by finding the right people for the right role.  So, can we help you make a profit whilst you enjoy making a difference in people’s lives?

You can make a great impact for companies who might struggle to find the right candidates and simultaneously change someone’s life by finding them a more fulfilling and exciting job. The good thing is that the investment is small compared to food franchises or other kind of franchises where you need a shop and stocks. All you need is a computer, a phone and a network of connections to start working.
This could be a life changing opportunity for YOU!

Work from home or rent an office/shared space and choose how to work giving you more time with your family and friends. Why not contact us today to find out more? We will provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision, every call or email is strictly confidential so why hesitate?

Leverage your experience, network, credibility and the growing need in the market to start Recruitment business and create a legacy for yourself!

Should you be interested in exploring this opportunity, I would be happy to introduce and share your details with the right people Jheel Kacharia-02240634908 and Joseph Britto-02240634933who can help you understand this better

Join a Diverse Network of Professionals turned Recruitment Leaders

The Antal Network in India  started operations in India in late 2006 and then further expanded the brand in 2009. The Antal brand in India has grown from strength to strength, today we have 43 offices operating around the country. Over the past decade, the Antal family has successfully sourced exceptional talent for Indian Multinationals, Startups, SMEs and large businesses and helped over 3000 aspiring individuals grow in their career.
Antal International being a unique model in recruitment, allows our owners to function from the city they reside in. This means an Owner can be from a Tier 2 city and still work with clients in Tier 1 cities. Of the 43 franchisees, approximately 32 are in metropolitan cities as shown in the diagram below.



Our owners are highly educated professionals with some choosing to go that extra mile and pursue further studies/degrees as well.


Antal Owners have enjoyed success in their professional careers, most of our Owners have had careers spanning over 2 decades. Only after having a successful first inning in their careers, these owners looked for something fulfilling, something that would give them the autonomy to manage and balance their personal/professional life, an opportunity that would help them utilize their education, professional experience, industry expertise, knowledge… and ANTAL INTERNATIONAL gave them that opportunity.

experienceLike we mentioned above, Antal Owners  achieved their fair share of success in their respective careers. Prior to moving out of their corporate jobs they all functioned at top managerial positions. They choose to resign and quit their careers to start afresh with the Antal journey that  would give them the satisfaction of becoming an entrepreneur as well as earn well.


Conclusion: Our deep rooted values, systems, processes and practices which are appreciated by both clients and candidates is what set us apart from the rest of our competitors. 23 years since its inception, Antal has helped many professionals who quit their successful corporate careers to establish their own successful recruitment business. A franchised recruitment business where they could  leverage their work experience, talent, ambition, industry expertise along with the Antal brand, training, support and a global network.

If you are working professional looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity like the one we offer they write to us today.

Join us – Lead the Recruitment Revolution in India with the Top Franchising Recruitment Brand and become an Antal-Preneur today!


Discovery Day – Exploring what it means to be a Global Recruitment Leader with Antal

The Event was a great learning and networking opportunity which was attended by 18 Prospects. It was great platform to build professional relationships and network with Like Minded Entrepreneurs.

To recap, we started with covering Antal’s amazing journey in India in the Past Decade moving forward to understanding why Recruitment as a Business is a value proposition for Successful Professionals looking to start on their own. Looking forward in a broader perspective, Market Research through various leading sources shows that Hiring in the Indian Corporate Sector will be bullish right from the get go in FY’17-18.


You, the participants also got to understand the Antal Franchise Model and the role You will play in depth, covering how well it works in the Indian market despite various challenges. It was great to engage in a healthy discussion about the Discipline & Sector Matrix and our Detailed 30 Step Process for Delivering Top Talent to Clients! Participants also got a sneak peek of how owners collaborate in a Global Network to deliver on assignments which may not be their specialization/niche and still earn income. Lastly Vinu Nair (Chennai) and Anil Dev (Bengaluru) shared their exciting journeys on how they made the switch from corporate and business to the Antal franchise and how it has helped them.


Buying an Antal Franchise V/S Starting Your Own Recruitment Business

Recruitment is slowly evolving from an Unstructured and Fragmented Ecosystem to a Structured and Niche market with Globally Established players growing their presence in India and ushering new norms of productivity and efficiency in the Industry”.

  • Are you looking at ways to expand your Business?
  • Do you wish to expand your current client portfolio?
  • Have you asked yourself a question that can I get higher fees?
  • Would you like to be associated with a Large International Network
  • Do you require support in Training, Marketing and Processes essential to run and scale up Business?
  • Do you wish to have a sounding board to discuss business?

If these points ring a bell and you are wondering how you can leverage your existing network and build a legacy on your own, then becoming an Antal-entrepreneur may help you.



If you are a mid to senior executive looking for an opportunity to start your own business where you can leverage your work experience, skills & business acumen in combination with the Antal brand, training, support to build your own profitable recruitment business; visit or call us at Tel: +91 22 40634908/33 to know more about Antal Franchising opportunity.

The story of Antal’s 10 years journey in India

Mr. Joseph Devasia, Managing Director Antal International India speaks about Antal’s 10 IMG_7231year journey in India

How long have you been working with Antal International, and what inspired you to set it up in India?

My association with Antal goes back almost a decade; it was in 2006 that I brought the Antal brand to India and became Antal’s first franchisee in the country. While considering entrepreneurship I was looking at a business where I could utilise my industry expertise and knowledge, and happened to drop my card at the Antal booth during a franchise exhibition. I got a call from Kevin Cox for a meeting, liked the proposition of getting back into the Indian market with a well-established international brand, and voila! Here we are, moving ahead steadily.

Business services are a huge sector in the franchise industry. What makes Antal stand out from the others?

Antal is one of the few global recruitment businesses which can confidently boast that our proven and successful business model has helped several aspiring individuals start up their own recruitment businesses. Our deep-rooted values, systems, processes and practices are appreciated by both clients and candidates and are supported by testimonials, and our loyal clients who we have built lasting business relations with are in themselves a placard that has made us stand out in the industry for the last 23 years. Our inch-wide, mile-deep market specialisation gives us access to strategic, confidential sectorial information which allows us to bring our clients crucial information that will help make business-altering decisions. This approach enables us to become trusted advisors to our clients. The global network of offices and knowledge-sharing practices across the world is a unique feature at Antal which no other recruitment firm can boast. Antal’s knowledge-focused recruiter understands the industry/sector dynamics and is trained to speak the same language as the hiring manager; this helps us to meet our client expectations in any industry/sector/discipline/location.

Last year Antal India welcomed a high number of new franchise partners. How did it achieve this?

Honestly the approach has been multifaceted and has delivered returns. We have various internal marketing and PR strategies that have helped and there is no denying that our brand has a stronger recall value today in the Indian market compared to a couple of years back. This along with alliances with a couple of franchise portals and LinkedIn have been able to generate a substantial amount of leads which get further filtered down by our team based on the question: “Is this the right business for them and are they the right fit for us?” I believe our ability to offer a higher quality recruitment service and deliver professional services to our clients has brought great value to the Indian recruitment market as well as to someone who is exploring entrepreneurship with us.

Describe a person who would do well as a franchise operator with Antal India.

Any individual with at least a decade of professional background, sales ability, specific industry expertise, ability to invest, and entrepreneurial spirit is eligible to buy the Antal franchise. It is important to highlight that our business is about connecting with people and that is one of the major factors that led to Tony Goodwin (a chartered accountant by profession) founding Antal.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to a first-time franchisee?

Take the risk, enjoy the rewards. I’ve told many new owners and prospective franchisees alike to learn from my mistakes; what that means is we have relevant experience in the Indian market to share local best practices regarding clients, candidates and fees which is a good point to start from for all new owners. Having said that, obviously there is a learning curve in any business, but if one has a great professional background and enjoys talking professionally to people then this kind of business can help them make money while letting them be their own boss. Self-employment gives one the opportunity to take up every aspect of a business and strive for success.

What is the outlook for the business services industry as a whole for the next year i.e. is it growing?

The business services industry generally seems to be on an upswing – positive economic conditions and a rise in business spending has increased the demand for professional business services. There is a surge in the demand for professionals who can consult multinational corporations as well as startups in various functions such as recruitment, finance, secretarial, compliance, etc. At the same time, there is also an increase in the number of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start something on their own, and franchising options within business services are allowing professionals to utilise the current scenario and their professional expertise to their benefit. Over the coming months business services are surely set to see high growth.

What are Antal India’s goals/targets for the next 12 months?

Over the last five years, since Antal started franchising in India, we have added 35 new franchisees to our network. We are now in a position of strength with Antal’s brand being well received and respected amongst clients and candidates across the country. With a team that is exceptionally strong in training and PR, I believe Antal can add another 15 franchisees to its Indian network this year. Over the next four years we intend to be able to breach the 100 number and get to a position where we can claim to have a significant share in the recruitment market in India.

Has advertising/working with Franchise Asia been satisfactory for you?

We have been very happy with the client management done by the team at Franchise Asia catering to India-specific leads for our brand expansion. In India most prospective franchisees usually look at a product franchise or a franchise where they can invest less and get back a good ROI, however with our model it requires far more input and persistence and the rewards come over a longer period of time monetarily. We have received proactive support from the Franchise Asia team to tweak the campaign they run for us which we commend and appreciate.

This interview featured in Franchise Asia on July 28, 2016

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