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Statistics state that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. But if you can survive the first few years, you will likely make it for the long haul and reap the rewards, which are bountiful. Here are 2 Antal Entrepreneurs who are a living testimony to this fact. Here they tell us what kept them going all these years.

Joseph Devasia: Joseph is the Managing Director of Antal International India. He brought the Antal brand to India in 2006 as Antal’s 1st franchisee, 12 years on he has built the Antal brand which today has 45 offices across India.  He tells us what kept him going in all these years.

  • What kept you going all these years – My passion for this business, the fact that it Joseph Devasiainfluences 1000s of people and their families and most importantly all those colleagues who work with me depend on us doing well, that motivates me to do better every-day, every year.
  • What are the hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them – Running any business in India is a challenge, hurdles come in all forms and sizes – sometimes these are regulatory, compliance-oriented, or the most difficult being people specific hurdles. Being patient with any issue and taking them one small piece at a time without getting over-whelmed about the magnitude has helped me overcome them quite easily.
  • When you feel dejected or demotivated how do you deal with it – I think about what I have set as life goals for my family and the dejections then seem like small bumps in the road, while the journey is a long one to take. Eventually one gets to the destination irrespective of the speed or the mishaps on the way. Being generally of a positive outlook in life, I am not easily defeated, so the need for external motivation is low. My family, very close friends and colleagues are the true source of inspiration for daily struggles to be overcome.
  • How has entrepreneurship changed you – personally and professionally – Entrepreneurship has been the most rewarding experience in my life. Personally, I am no longer daunted by any incidents that may have otherwise seemed life-derailing, so there is a lot more valour, vigour, energy. Professionally I have grown to be able to manage people, understand clients’ businesses and what they need from talent while persevering under pressure, seeing the pleasures and pains, wins and losses and settling in the fact that this is but a journey. While I may have done things differently had I got this experience earlier, I would not change what I have become today. Entrepreneurship is empowering, liberating, giving, caring, sharing and allowing others around you to prosper too.


Vinu Nair: AS Managing Partner, Antal Cathedral Road, Vinu joined the Antal network as a Franchise owner 9 years ago. He leads a team of 20 IT recruiters and is a fitness enthusiast. He shares his entrepreneurial journey with us and tells us what kept him motivated in his almost decade long journey.

  • What kept you going – When I started my business, one of my intent was to help Vinu Nairstart a few careers – Team members who trusted me and joined the business. 50% of my team at any point in my journey so far, started their careers in my business. Secondly, the belief that success in this job impacts the client’s business in a positive way and also that we provide career guidance/opportunities to candidates. Last but not the least this job is by far the most interesting role I have had in all my career, SAP consulting was good but most fires were doused as expertise grew, not so much in recruitment though.
  • What are the hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them? Overcoming Client TA team’s style of working was a big hurdle, I did not play along with most of them and on many occasions kept persisting for a direct channel with the hiring manager. I leveraged my experience and presented my understanding of the role and data from the search exercise to help win Client confidence. Many of Client’s (TA function) believe what worked for them in the past would always work in the future too, this was mostly highlighted to stonewall my ideas, I did walk away from some but where I knew there was a semblance of a chance, I invested my time to win them over with processes which are time-tested and got you a results faster. Building a team was another challenge, I grew from 2 to 5 and then to 10 and closer to 20, all these hires were with almost zero experience in recruitment, this meant I had to train them about the industry, the roles to be filled, the data points which can differentiate a good candidate from an average one and lastly when to give up on an opportunity.
  • When you feel dejected or demotivated how do you deal with it? Actually, this happens quite a few times given that we are dealing with multiple candidates and clients who are individuals with their own reasoning and ideas. Candidate dropouts are something which gets me off track and so does poor communication or feedback from the client on resumes interviewed or submitted. I often feel that although IT organizations have grown manifold over the years, talent recruitment is an area where most of them have not laid emphasis on (I don’t mean to say recruitment numbers or headcount but talent). I am sometimes at loggerheads with Client’s to argue and thrash out a point and not to simply be subservient, the problem today is that anyone can start a recruitment agency and approach a client with a fee which is lower than the lowest in the market, unfortunately sometimes you have to explain your fees and service levels in comparison to such agencies. Favoritism is also something that you come across in this line of business, I wonder in such cases how should one react?
  • How has entrepreneurship changed you – personally and professionally? Personally, this has been a very rewarding experience with almost a 360-degree view of my business and taking risks on investments and expenses on my own. I now have a larger responsibility towards my team and family, which is a lot different from a corporate role where I have funds/investment backing me during a bad month or a quarter. Monetarily it has been rewarding too and I hope to build the business to reward more and more of team members in the coming years. Insights and foresight from running this business for 7 years show me a mirror from which I cannot escape the good or the bad. Professionally, I am able to have long-term targets for the business and myself, this is something which I could not do while I was in an MNC. Working with client’s to help them recruit some of their key talents who in turn contribute to the Client’s business in a very positive way is deeply satisfying. Some of my Clients are 4 to 5 years old and they call us for some critical and urgent requirements and many times we establish a relationship with a prospect who was referred to us by an existing Client, in such cases nothing can speak more than a positive reference.

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Antal Owner Interview – Vishal Madan

Vishal Madan Managing Partner Antal Pune, Magarpatta City became an Antal Entrepreneur a little more than a year ago. Prior to Antal, he was associated with Amdocs throughout his IT career of 17 years.  He grew from a trainee to a Director, was part of multiple disciplines spanning R&D, Delivery, Operations and Program Management across different geographies like Cyprus, India, Canada and Singapore. Vishal speaks to us about why he chose Antal and his journey so far..

  • Why did you choose recruitment franchise business? What are the good things about working in the recruitment industry?

Being enjoyed each day of my career so far in a lovely corporate like Amdocs gaining a new experience each day with subordinates and superiors alike, I thought this experience could be used to create a good bridge between companies looking for exceptional talent and candidates looking for exceptional companies. The recruitment Industry did give me this chance. Though on a high level I was exposed to the Recruitment processes, I surely needed a guiding and supporting network like Antal to step into this Business.

  • How did you hear about Antal International? And what made you pick Antal of all the choices you had?

I heard about Antal International when I had applied for a leadership position that Antal had posted for one of its clients. Later I got in touch with the then Business Director at Antal’s Mumbai office and over several calls and meetings got a clarity on how Antal can help me be successful in this business. Reason for picking up Antal was surely its Global presence and the clarity on how Antal would make me succeed. Obviously, I hadn’t got through the exceptional training and not experienced the close bonding between the Antal offices then.

  • How were your initial days in the business? What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

The initial days were tough as it would be in any business. Getting the 1st client was the toughest challenge. However due to support and guidance of the Antal Training Department led by Shinu and the other tenured offices, I could survive on shared positions till I got my initial clients.

  • How is your business functioning now? When did you make your first placement?

I would not say that I am completely satisfied, however the trend is positive. There are surely few mistakes I did of starting solo and taking time to get a team onboard despite the constant warnings from other offices. However, I have a good team now and things look more positive. I made my 1st placement within 4 months of stepping in the business.

        Vishal with his team of specialist recruiters at his Magarpatta City office

  • What are your plans for the next years?

Plans for the next years are surely adding more clients by increasing focus on Business Development. The team size though might not grow significantly on the recruitment side; however, with proper training and guidance, expecting the team to give more positive results.

  • What do you like most about Antal?

The bonding between the offices is the best what I like about Antal. I can call any office for support and guidance whenever I require, and I am sure that I will get the best of it always.

  • What is the key advice you would give to other prospective franchisees that are considering this kind of self-employment?

Be ready for hands-on; don’t take the initial days of business and a trial and error and then plan to grow the team. You should have a team from day 1 and hence plan your finances well before leaving your corporate job.

Soft Profile

  • What’s your fitness mantra?

Be active every day. Don’t round up to the next month to start a walk or a run. Walk / Swim / Run / Play – whatever you do; do it every day without fail and do it for yourself and not for the social media. Don’t look for a company to be active. Start solo and you would have a company.

I walk 7 kms every day and within 45 mins I am in office, fresh and ready to accept new challenges for that day.

  • Tell us something about your family

Married for 17 years to a beautiful loving and caring woman and blessed with a smart and witty son who is now 13.


            Vishal with his wife and son on a family holiday

  • How do you balance your professional & personal life?

There is no primary and there is no secondary. If one of your lives pull you more on a particularly day, I make sure I compensate the other on the very next day. If I work a lot extra in your office on any day, I make sure that I spend time with my family or for me on the next day.

  • Which is your favorite holiday destination?

No specific destination. I love nature and it doesn’t matter which destination offers it to me.

  • Your Hobbies

No specific hobbies as such. Lately I have tried to love and been successful in adapting to what my son loves, be it Ice Skating, while we were in Canada or 10 m Air Pistol shooting. This helps avoiding me to find additional time for my son.

  • Your proud Antal Moment

The day the client fees amount on a candidate joining was more than my corporate monthly salary.

  • What keeps you motivated to do the same job every day?

I don’t think the job is the same every day. Every client, every position is a different challenge.






career horizonFor the past 12 years Antal is mentoring entrepreneurs who are now recruitment leaders within the Indian job market. They quit their booming career to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and Antal gave them the platform they needed.  Antal has helped these aspiring entrepreneurs utilize their professional experience, knowledge, business acumen to kickstart their own recruitment business

Here’s what they have to say on why they choose Antal to kick start their entrepreneurial venture

  • Name: Naresh Sharma, Managing Partner Antal Jaipur
  • Experience: 25 years in Supply Chain
  • Antal Entrepreneur since: June 2013

Why I Chose Antal - Naresh S

  • Name: Vinu Nair, Managing Partner Antal Chennai, Cathedral Road
  • Experience: 20 years in Sales and Marketing within Information Technology
  • Antal Entrepreneur since:  Feb 2011

Why I Chose Antal - Vinu Nair

  • Name: Saseendran Ayikkara, Managing Partner, Antal Bangalore
  • Experience: 30 years within Oil & Gas, Logistic, Supply & Trading industries
  • Antal Entrepreneur since: July 2016


  • Name: Sunil Kapoor, Managing Partner, Antal Gurgaon
  • Experience: 15 years within FMCG, Petrochemical and Automotive industry
  • Antal Entrepreneur since: June 2017

Why I chose Antal International - Sunil Kapoor.jpg

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Job interview mistakes you need to avoid..Antal Recruiters tell you how.

Before you head into your next job interview, you need to prepare yourself if you want to be seriously considered for the position, you must prepare carefully. One or two missteps can disqualify you as a candidate, even if you have the right experience and skills. Interview mistakes (even if they are miniscule in nature according to you) can sometimes devastate your chances of getting the job.

Job interview mistakes you need to avoid... Antal Recruiters tell you how.

We spoke to 5 Antal India Recruiters and have listed – Job interview mistakes that will guarantee you don’t get hired

Casual approach towards the interview or overconfidence during an interview: According to Prajakta Dixit, Consultant, Antal International Pune, candidate’s casual approach towards the interview puts him/her on the radar. This mostly comes from a laidback attitude or could also be due to over confidence.  She explains “very often candidates have a casual approach towards interviews, they have the “been there done that” attitude and hence they don’t prepare and lose focus on the gravity of interview. This misapprehension seals their fate and they lose out of a great career opportunity. Prajakta advices saying, “candidates must treat every interview as if it’s their first ever interview and this is their one and only chance to sell themselves. Being overconfident and not preparing or for that matter being too laidback can harm their chances of cracking the interview”

Failing to prepare for every round: Titikshu Radhey, Senior Consultant, Antal International Jaipur explains that most candidates sometimes fail to prepare for every round. He says, “candidates prepare on the basis of which round of interview it is and who is interviewing them. They fail to realize that one should be prepared for every interview round – whether the first round or the final one. Every meeting is important irrespective of who is meeting you. It could be the HR, Line Manager or the Managing Director, being prepared for the interview shows your passion for the specific role and the company, and that’s what you will be judged on. He suggests that it’s good to find out who you are meeting, researching a bit about them on LinkedIN.  Preparing thoroughly may also help calm your nerves, You get confidence from competence.

 Not doing research on Company:“It’s important to know the role you are being interviewed for. However, it is equally important to know about the company you are being interviewed at.”, says Spandana Marchaya, Consultant, Antal International Bengaluru. She further adds, “Prepare yourself by reading about the company’s background, values, mission statement. Google the company to understand what the media is writing and perceives about the company” If you haven’t researched you won’t have any knowledge about the products, services, future plan, competitions, challenges and this will be evident during the course of the conversations. Doing your homework about the company will help you sell yourself better and you will get a clarity on how you can add value to the role and the company’s future goals.”

Not asking questions during an interview: “An interview is a two-way conversation, an opportunity for you to highlight your experience to the interviewer and ask them relevant questions to get more clarity on the role and understand their expectations as an employer” says Rahul Goyal, Principal Consultant Antal International Lucknow. He goes on to explain, saying, “If things are to proceed forward positively, both the parties are to be on same page and should be content with each other. The quality of questions, or lack of them, help managers gauge the candidate’s interest for a position. Not asking questions is perceived to be a lack of interest in the role and the organization.” He further explains, “Just as bad as not asking any questions is asking the wrong questions. During the initial interview, asking questions only about salary, company policies, benefits, etc. are not received well and shows that the candidate is only interested to move for personal benefits and doesn’t have a real motivation to change jobs.  It’s also in the candidate’s interest to evaluate the employer based on the answers and determine if they fit into the culture and will be able to grow professionally with the organization.”

Presenting yourself professionally: According to Dipti Puranik Team Leader Antal International Pune,” The first impression has a strong influence in making the hiring decision. Even if your resume looks great, being shabby for an interview can hamper your chances of getting the job. It’s important to look presentable regardless of what the company’s dress code is – formal or casual. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. She takes her point further saying, “This also means going beyond your clothing, it means choosing your words carefully, being polite, being mindful of your body language, not fidgeting with your phone or watch, not interrupting while the interviewer speaks etc.”

To conclude we would like to remind you if you’ve got yourself an interview, it’s not enough to have an impressive resume. You’ll also need to know how to conduct yourself correctly to ensure you make a good impression.

If you are looking for a career change you can connect with our recruiters on LinkedIn and explore your next career move. To know more about us visit  For more interesting articles on career advice, jobs and franchise opportunities follow our LinkedIn page

Are Job Hopping candidates bad for your company?

Are Job Hopping candidates bad for your company

With the evolving job market trends, we are currently seeing an increase in shorter job stints, we are already witnessing an increasing trend of replacement hiring. Today, millennials constitute a substantial share of the workforce. The job market is now attuning to their needs and we are witnessing a sweeping change in the way corporates functions. Hiring trends, work cultures, HR policies are all being shaped to accommodate the millennial workforce.

One such trend is ‘job-hopping’, which has been on a rise because millennials don’t subscribe to the idea of staying in one company for decades and corporates are adjusting to this new trend. However, not many HR managers subscribe to the idea when it comes to positions at the mid and senior level.

Candidates whose resume show a couple of ‘job hops’ in quick succession are scrutinized with suspicion. There is misconception around candidates who jump jobs frequently, it’s assumed that they are impulsive in decision making. There’s too much debate and contrasting views involved in hiring such a candidate. There are times when hiring managers simply refuse to even consider such a candidate for an interview.

This brings me to think whether short stints on a candidate’s resume reflect his ability, skills or caliber? Do short job stints mean the candidate is not able to deliver or he/she lack skills? Do longer tenures affirm that the candidate is good at their job or are reliable or an asset to the company?

In the West, people are hired on a contractual basis, even at the mid and senior level. Some for 2 years, 18 months or even 4 months. Does that mean these candidates are not proficient or do not possess average skills? Or have not contributed to their roles?

According to a report by Business Insider, here’s how long the average employee stays at the biggest tech companies:

  • Uber was at the bottom of the list, with a short average employee tenure of just 1.8 years.
  • At Dropbox, the average employee stays for 2.1 years.
  • Tesla employees stay at the electric car maker for 2.1 years on average,
  •  Facebook, a 2.5 year stint is the average whereas Airbnb its 2.6 years
  • At Netflix employees stay for an average of 3.1 years, to be exact.
  • An average employee tenure at Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is 3.2 year.

Does this mean that these individuals won’t get hired because they chose to move jobs too soon?

Another research shows that one tends to grow 18 to 20% more as an external hire as compared to growing within the same organization or due to a promotion. An individual could be part of an organization for 6 -7 years but may not have moved roles or on the other hand, there could be an individual who has moved 3 jobs in 2 years but has had a great career growth trajectory,  which one would you want to consider for the role you are hiring?

Notion that job hoppers are not as efficient is fast becoming antiquated. The truth is employees change jobs because they are offered better opportunities. They are ambitious and hence choose roles that allow them to continuously learn, develop, and advance in their careers. They build skills faster when they change companies because of the learning curve. These pointers are indicators of good talent.

One needs to think, and wonder if stability is directly proportionate to competency? In sectors where there is a dearth for good talent with niche skill sets; its best to hire good candidates despite their frequent job switches. In such scenarios, companies should utilize their diverse skill set and focus on their knowledge gaps to transform them into better leaders for their company’s benefit. Managers should focus on hiring for skills, attitude, competency, productivity, efficiency rather than job stability.

Candidates will continue looking for career opportunities that are exciting, competitive and not just sustaining. In a competitive and candidate-driven market, they are willing to experiment and take the risk for roles that challenge them. As the years go by shorter job stints or “job hopping” as we know it, will no longer be considered as forbidden. The stigma around it will quickly become a thing of the past and the sooner we accept this the better talent we hire.

Deepak Jain, Managing Partner Antal Gurgaon, speaks to us about his newest role as an Antal Entrepreneur

Deepak Jain's with Antal Family post his Induction

Today we are in conversation with Mr. Deepak Jain, Managing Partner Antal Gurgaon, Sohna Road. Deepak signed up for Antal Franchise in June 2018. Deepak is a Commerce graduate from St. Xavier’s’ Kolkata, a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant & Company Secretary by profession. With a career span of 23 years, Deepak has worked across sectors such as Jute, Petrochemicals, FMCG, Gas & Speciality Chemicals, Media, Automotive (OEMs) and Apparels & Retail sectors. The last decade of his career was spent as Head of Finance / CFO levels.

He chose to kickstart the 2nd innings of his career with Antal as an Antal Franchise partner. Today he shares his story with us –  

  • Why did you choose recruitment franchise business? What are the good things about working in the recruitment industry?
    I was looking for a Business opportunity (coming from a Business family) where I could “Be My Own Boss”. After more than two decades of corporate work experience, I was looking for something which was challenging and a well-established brand. The Antal franchise opportunity met my criteria and after a bit of some contemplation I signed up for it.What actually convinced me to plunge into this opportunity is that recruitment industry gives you an opportunity to interact with people – all from different strata, geographies and beliefs and I am a people’s person all through, I like interacting with people, understanding their goals and aspirations and I felt this would go hand in hand with what Antal was offering.
  • How did you hear about Antal International? And what made you pick Antal of all the choices you had?
    As a Decision Maker during my corporate career, I received sector shots from Antal offices, I also spoke to few recruiters as well as Managing Partners to discuss business and from those conversations I realized, Antal methodology was very different from most of the other Recruiters. I found Antal unique from the rest and therefore I decided to launch my own venture. I picked the phone and spoke to Jheel Kacharia (the then Franchise Development person at Antal) and got a fair degree of understanding about how the model works. Apart from that, the specialization theme at Antal made it even more appealing as I would still retain my touch with my profession specializing in my own domain. Apart from that, the proud feeling with being associated with a global brand made it even better. So it was a net result of all the above which drove me to sign on.
  • How were your initial days in the business? What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
    Initial days were exciting as well as challenging. However, the training during the induction and weekly follow up calls with the training team helped me a lot. Coincidentally, I had already started speaking to some of my potential candidates and managed to land a couple mid-level roles. There would be an element of ambiguity on some days but the positive vibes helped me, it sail through the initial days. Getting across to candidates was tough at times. Some profiles getting rejected outright before discussion was disappointing but I sailed through it. Some introspection, reference to training materials, guidance from the training team specially before signing terms with a large Corporate gave me the required confidence. Apart from this, being an ex-CFO gave me easy access to my network and I had the means to reach out to my professional circles for good references.
  • How is your business functioning now?
    When did you make your first placement? My first offer was released in the second month and the joining happened in the fourth month. The best part was getting a candidate from overseas to be placed in a Corporate down south of India. This was a challenging task and once done there was no looking back.  Since I don’t have a team yet, closing 7 roles (some in sharing terms with other partners of the Antal Network) has boosted my confidence, there have been a couple of dropouts however there was so much to learn from them as well. March looks exciting as quite a few roles are up for closure. So to summarize, if I have to score my performance; I would give myself 7 on 10. Since I am a number person, I have already put in my target for next year – both in terms of accruals and cash.
  • What are your plans for the next years
    I am in the midst of building my team. I strongly believe in the TEAM (Together Everyone achieves more) framework. In terms of numbers… I want to cross a crore in the first full year 2019-20 and am driving my self towards that. Long range plans for my office will be worked out mid 2019-20.
  • What do you like most about Antal?
    The one most important asset is the power of the Network, globally and locally. As a new Owner, I seeked advice from the Antal veterans and of course, a large network also gave me added business. This is a win-win situation to all within the Network. Apart from this Antal’s process-driven culture which one must not forget as it is a “Success Mantra”.
  • What is the key advice you would give to other prospective franchisees that are considering this kind of self-employment?
    If you have the determination to work in a Network and are willing to go that extra mile in process compliance, there is no looking back – this is the place to be associated with. This is not a job it’s your own venture and you have to be your own Manager.

Deepak Jain with Tony Godwin

Soft Profile

  • What’s your fitness mantra? Strictly speaking I’m a diehard foodie – as my family and friends call me. My fitness is around an hour’s walk each day at least for 6 days a week which helps me concentrate on the inner self and gives me freshness for the work day ahead.
  • Tell us something about your family – My immediate family is my wife Sangeeta who is a homemaker turned Business woman running her own small Coaching Centre and my two angels Shivangi & Sneha both out of school currently studying CA.
  • How do you balance your professional & personal life? Work Life balance has never been an issue for me. Have driven my teams into it for the years I have been as a team lead. The matter here is quality time both sides- at work and with family is what really is important to me.
  • Which is your favorite holiday destination? Well, I like travelling to hills and so Himachal has been ultimate in that.
  • Your Hobbies –   I love watching movies, listening to old and melodious songs and Ghazals and spending quality time with my angels.
  • Your proud Antal Moment – A candidate presented by me in August who was put on hold and in November was made an offer as a standalone candidate (Have had quite a few of them where a single candidate has sailed through the entire process without a blemish)- kept him warmed and gave him good counselling making a win situation for both the client and the candidate. He joined 20 days ahead of the scheduled date.
  • What keeps you motivated to do the same job every day? Have been doing the desk job for years in corporates, the role with Antal allows me to interact with different types of people – either the client or the candidate. Sometimes follow ups become a drag but perseverance has always been my success factor and apart from that my better half is always throwing challenges at me being a Co-Director in my Company linking my performance to the numbers so all of this motivates me to work each day afresh.
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