Recovery Signs Amidst the Chaos – Hiring in the Healthcare Sector

The pandemic has disrupted life and businesses across the globe, financial plans, acquisitions, mergers as well as hiring plans have all been affected. In March when the lock-down was announced, we witnessed disruptions in the hiring scenario, interviews were cancelled or postponed, or roles were put on hold indefinitely – absolute nightmare for us recruiters.

These times have been uncertain for most businesses and recruitment too was affected. As weeks passed and we transitioned to work from home after a few initial ‘teething issues’, we gradually started adjusting to the new normal. Now as the country opens, we are gradually seeing businesses focusing on hiring as well. Their focus is more on hiring for critical roles that were put on hold, we are seeing activity particularly for last-mile execution roles and for analytical business jobs in Healthcare and IT.”

To get a more detailed analysis on the current hiring situation, we spoke to some hiring managers in the Healthcare sector to understand from a set of business leaders what their recruitment plans were prior to the pandemic, what they appear like now, and what their subsequent strategies are with reference to hiring and managing talent across the healthcare sector. Here is what we found:

·       47% respondents said they have started hiring gradually.

·       43% respondents say they are hiring as per plans.

·       10% said they are currently hiring for critical roles only.

The pandemic has changed the way businesses function and companies will now look for professionals who will help build agile business model, products, services that are sustainable under any circumstances. The market will now change from a ‘candidate driven market’ to a ‘client driven market’.

We are witnessing an increase in demand in roles such as medico marketing, quality (training, internal audit, data integrity, etc.), engineering, business technology, manufacturing (production, operations and tech services and project), regulatory etc.

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