What’s your reason to become an Entrepreneur

I came across this quote by Walt Disney “We don’t make movies to make money. We make money to make more movies….” and I thought to myself “Do aspiring entrepreneurs think the same today?” As Franchise Sales Manager for Antal International Network,(a mid and senior level recruitment business which also franchises its recruitment business to senior professional who are looking to launch their own business) I speak to many such ambitious entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. Most of them stress on knowing what profits will they make instead of understanding our what business model is like or what methodology we use? Infact at most times, the 1st question I’m asked is “What’s the amount of investment and what the ROI is?”


Ok, one can’t deny it – Money is one of the reason why many take the big entrepreneurial leap, but “Guess What?”, Money alone is not the sole motivator for successful entrepreneurs. If you have read interviews of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, they state that their primary motivation has been to build something lasting, something innovative, something that brought change to people’s lives and not to make a lot of money.


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and if making money is the only thing driving you into starting your own business, then you may risk losing out on your business and your entrepreneurial dream in the very first few months.


The initial stage is extremely challenging, one needs to face some harsh realities, face rejection, sometimes unseen crisis surf up unexpectedly, long work hours or even days. The worst is, you have to undergo this ordeal alone and there is no definite time frame as to how long this phase would last. This initial phase is the make or break deal time and this period will define whether entrepreneurship is meant for you or not.


During this time your passion for your business and industry you work in, the experience, the need to learn more, the excitement to face and overcome challenges successfully will keep you motivated and moving on zealously to achieve you goals. However, if making money is your sole motive behind your entrepreneurial venture and if you were thinking of minting money immediately after launching your business, you will not make through this initial phase. In entrepreneurship, money happens as a function of doing a great job with passion and conviction. It’s not a job where a salary is guaranteed each month nor is it a gate pass to instant success wealth and fame. An entrepreneur needs to look beyond money to find his motivations


Here’s what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur


Need to fill in the gap in the industry you come from: Here I would give you an example of Antal’s CEO Mr. Tony Goodwin who, after a spell as an accountant, saw a gap in the global recruitment market. He noticed that the multinationals he was working with did not have a recruitment company supporting their needs in Eastern Europe and that when he decided to start a recruitment business, which today has established a strong presence all across the globe. You too may see a gap that needs to be filled in the sector you work in and that could be your reason to become an entrepreneur to fill in that gap


Create a legacy: A great entrepreneur will strive to create something extraordinary that will change lives, industry standards for the better, something that will motivate other entrepreneurs. The motive to create something big, to build a world class brand and leave a legacy for generations to look  and get inspired by is what makes a successful entrepreneur


Turn your passion and beliefs into a business. There is something you may be passionate about something that brings out the best in you and you are always motivated to do even better. You have the ability to create a business as well as impact people through your passions and beliefs


Wanting to learn something new. As an entrepreneur you learn something new every day and at most times these learning have come from the mistakes you make. When you look at your journey as an entrepreneur after a few years you see the growth and success of a business as well as your personal and professional growth and that’s when you know the true worth of all the struggles and the sacrifices you went through


It enables you to dream big. One major thing that drives an individual towards entrepreneurship is creativity, freedom to create. The liberty to think big, to ideate freely with no boundaries, freedom to set your own goals. Successful entrepreneurs are competitive by nature. They are constantly competing with themselves with a motive to improve and grow. That this is what keeps their adrenaline running.


If the reasons listed above are your reason to become an entrepreneur, then you are ready to kick start you’re entrepreneurial journey.

If you are keen on knowing more about what Antal has to offer you to live your entrepreneurial dream write to me at Jkacharia@antal.com


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