It’s a must to have a Recruiter within your professional network

I’ve come across a number of forums online, where people are discussing whether one should accept a request from a recruiter on social networking sites like LinkedIn. Most people on these forums felt that, recruiters just build their network and add a few names to their database which he/she can later on boast about to his/her clients. Few others assumed that they do not need a recruiter, as they have no intentions of a job change; so why have a recruiter within the network now.

Well my answer to this question is “YES, you do need a recruiter”

We all use social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter to connect with professionals from our industry. Yes it is true!! Like you, recruiters too network and connect with professionals within the sector they recruit in. It’s part of a recruiter’s job – to build and connect with the best talent within his niche sector and Here’s why professionals should  be part of a recruiter’s network and vice versa

  • Boost your chances of finding suitable job opportunities: It’s best to have a recruiter in your network no matter what your current plan is – whether you’re actively looking for a new job, just keeping your options open or haven’t really thought of a job change yet. Recruiters have direct access to hiring manager and HR managers, you don’t have to rely on job boards to get you your next best career opportunity. If your recruiter has a job opportunity he will approach you himself, because after all your conversations with the recruiter, he now understands your career really well. He knows your strengths and weaknesses, he understands your personality and what kinds of work culture you would fit into and therefore they would approach you with a job opportunity that he believes is the best for your career graph.
  • Get an insight of the latest trends in your industry: Having a recruiter in your circle increases the chances of you knowing what the current job scenario is like in your industry, what are the current hiring or salary trends. Recruiters speak to several candidates similar to you every single day. They have the most realistic understanding of the sector. Having a recruiter in your network is like having a crystal ball that gives you an insight into what is actually happening within your sector, be it people moving jobs, companies doing well, hiring, laying off, future trends etc. all this information in turn helps you plan the next course of action.
  • Leverage on their large network: You maybe of an opinion that being in the industry means you can beat a recruiter in the number of contacts he has within the industry, but that may not be true. Like I mentioned earlier, networking and connecting with star performers within their niche is part of a recruiter’s every day routine, Be it – hiring managers, HR manager or professionals who may or may not be actively looking for a job. By no chance one can say that their network is bigger than that of a niche recruiter. Having a recruiter within your network means indirectly having access to his/her vast network of professionals from your industry.
  • They know employers better than you: Recruiters are constantly speaking to hiring managers and have successfully filled positions for their clients. Having worked with employers several times, filling key positions has helped nurture trust worthy relations between them and their client. Recruiters not only understand the roles they are working on but also the employer’s company culture, work ethics as they have worked with the client for a while. Companies trust their recruiters and most importantly listen to them and consider them as trusted advisors who are there to help them fulfill their hiring needs. Candidates that are shortlisted by them are therefore considered to be the best fit – qualified, interested & motivated and not just picked randomly from a job portal.
  • Not all jobs are on the portal: Many times it so happens that when we are exploring job opportunities, we look up job portals. But, let me tell you this, not all jobs are posted on job portals. Sometimes vacancies are given to a specific recruiter exclusively and these jobs are not found on any job portal. Recruiters headhunt for the best candidates from within their existing contacts, professionals whom they have been speaking to for a while and have understood their career and career aspirations and therefore can confidently place them before their clients as candidates.
  • Recruiters don’t just find you jobs: You don’t need a recruiter only for a job; recruiters are more than just that. Recruiters are career advisors, mentors, confidantes. They could help you understand what’s in store for your industry incase it’s not doing well. Sometimes a recruiter can help a family member in his career move, guide your child for his first interview, advise you on how to negotiate an offer, prep you on how to resign from your current job, how to tackle a counter offer and so many other important aspects related to careers.


The evolution of technology and social media has brought the world closer; today people are more accessible and easily approachable. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need recruiters. Recruiters are more than just human job boards. Having a recruiter in your database means having a career coach, friend, confidante who will guide you along your career.

This article is authored by Mr. Joseph Devasia, Managing Director, Antal International India


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3 responses to “It’s a must to have a Recruiter within your professional network”

  1. Parveen Sahni says :

    Hi, Having a recruiter on board in your connection is a wonderful idea but we also have to talk about the quality of recruiters.
    Now a days most of the recruiting companies including reputed & leading one do not have quality of consulting manpower. Most of the time the right candidate has to suffer because of the absence of right Assessment done by so called consultants . At least 2-3 rounds are minimum at consultant end and then another 2-3 round at the highering employer end . Don’t u think so it is too long. Specially when u have lots of tools available nowadays to do assessments timely . Also I have serious doubt on the quality of the assement done by the Consultant. I feel, In absence of the quality manpower they fail to judge the candidate and opportunity compatibility most of the time. Because of which right candidate miss the opportunity . Applying directly to the employer is also a good idea . Now most of the companies are having Talent accusation professional beside the HR team. They can create the pool of professionals as per their industry standard in their data base thru LinkedIn or other way. That will help getting Faster response to both and the correct assessment with the stake holders. I feel now manpower consulting company have to review their assessment process . Before candidate loose confidence on these Manpower Consulting companies . So finally my view is that the Consulting companies most of the time nowadays miss playing the role of friend or coach as stated in the last line of the article . This Article is nicely written but far from the reality.


    • Antal India Recruitment Blog says :

      Thank you Mr. Sahni for sharing your feedback. We absolutely agree, ‘quality of recruiters’ is very important. Quality will only come once the right assessment is done. We do not believe that the right candidate has to suffer because of the absence of the right assessment, it could be because the right candidate did not concentrate when he was being briefed or he was just not interested in the opportunity and only listened to what the recruiter had to say. 2 rounds of conversation lasting between 45 mins to 1 1/2 hr is good for any recruiter to fully qualify if the right candidate and is absolutely necessary. Usually, in the first 5 minutes the recruiter will understand if the candidate is the right fit or not. While tools are great please remember they cannot replace emotion. Applying directly to an employer is not a good idea as most of the times you are writing to an email e.g.:, which usually goes unread and into the trash. However, requesting a specialist recruiter to get your CV to the right person in the desired company stands a better chance of an interview with them. While companies have talent acquisition (not accusation) teams, emails sent to them directly are still unread or already in the trash. Changing the assessment process does not help, innovating it does – and that’s exactly what we do everyday. There will never arise a day when all candidates will lose confidence in a recruiting firm. I do not agree with your view as you may have not yet spoken with the right recruiter who could help you/ guide you. If you need one, We’ll be happy to have a quick chat with you and guide you in the right direction.


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