Shinu Jose on her journey with Antal & her passion for recruitment training.

Shinu Jose a qualified social worker, joined Antal International 9

years ago, She spent her first 4 years at Antal as the first consultants to work with Antal’s first franchisee in India and built a business unit where she specialised in placing sales and marketing professionals. In March 2012, Shinu moved into the role of Franchise Training Manager. Since then Shinu supports all the India franchise owners and their consultants by coaching, recommending improvement and driving Antal International best practice on a daily basis. We caught up with Shinu to know more about her journey with Antal International and her passion for recruitment training.

  1. How did your journey as Franchise Trainer begin?

I had exited from Antal as a consultant due to some health reasons and  I was not sure if I will be coming back to Antal. I had moved back to my hometown during this time. I distinctly remember one Feb day in 2012, Joe asked me if I will be keen to look at the India trainer role. I was very excited with this and that set the ball in motion. I had a call with late Tony Jones, our COO then and he was to be my boss in the role. Mar 1st 2012, I joined back Antal in the new role.

  1. What made you stay with Antal for 9 long years?

It’s the people, culture of autonomy, tremendous opportunities for learning, great mentorship– these are some of the things that made me stay with Antal for 9 years.

  1. What’s the most rewarding thing about training?  What do you find the most challenging?

I think people are at different learning curves and it’s always a joy to see them transitioning from one to another. I think that’s more rewarding as you see people gaining more confidence in the work they do.

Sometimes people are resistant to change gears, even if it is costing them money and that is challenging as a trainer.

  1. Who has inspired you most as a leader?IMG-20150704-WA0008

There are many within Antal who have inspired me- Tony Goodwin for his commercial acumen, Doug Bugie for his passion for our business, my boss late Tony Jones for his never ending patience and ability to nurture and Joe Devasia who is “an idea a minute” person. I think true leadership is about allowing others under you to take up leadership and initiative and I am glad to say that Antal is made of people like this.

  1. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned during your tenure with Antal?

Asking TOUGH questions- whether to clients, candidates, to owners or consultants.. Sometimes there are no two ways about things. But how you ask is as important as what you are asking, and that is a very valuable lesson I have learnt with Antal.

  1. Your best Antal moment?

My best Antal moment was and still remains the day I joined Antal 🙂 and the people who made it happen. Special mention to my sister who helped me by taking care of my almost 2 year old daughter when I started.

I think as a country we are evolving so in my opinion there are fewer misconceptions as to what we do as a profession. However I will be happiest the day when as a nation, we recognise that Talent is not the accountability of HR professionals, but it’s a TOP priority for business, that day Recruitment industry will be able to fully justify the value it adds to the process of attracting, selecting, hiring and retaining talent.

  1. What leadership advice would you give to your fellow Antalites?

Become a specialist recruiter, dedicate yourself to this cause. There are many mid level candidates who will appreciate and reciprocate your gesture.


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