5 mantras to be a champion tech recruiter

Here is how to get an edge over your peers and up your game as a tech recruiter 

Fast growing internet and tech startups in the country today are tapping the same tech talent pool that tech giants are also fishing from. This has made the job of tech recruiters more challenging than ever.

vinu-nair-bio-img(1)Talking about this, Vinu Nair, managing partner, Antal Chennai, who specialises in IT and ITeS recruitment, said in an interview with TimesJobs.com, “Tech recruiters today face many hurdles simply because the industry is falling short of good talent and such talent are hard to source given the ever-increasing demand and preferences of candidates.”

“The conventional tech recruiter’s job gets more difficult in this market as everyone seems to fish from the same pond. Also, crème-de-la-creme candidates are not that visible on job boards and social media. With this being the scenario, the tech recruiter should be able to set himself/herself apart from the rest of the recruiters in the market and create their own niche,” Vinu said.

Drawing from his experience in tech recruiting, Vinu shared simple but effective strategies that can fuel a tech recruiter to become a champion:

1. Know tech, talk tech  

The trait every good tech recruiter has is his/her ability to understand the product/ services of the client. As recruiters are the first point of contact for candidates, it is imperative they are able to explain the product, tech stack behind it and its traction in the market.

Basically, a tech recruiter should have the ability to explain a product/app to a candidate. If you are speaking to top talent within the industry and are unable to answer queries related to the opportunity you have presented them, then it is likely that the candidate will lose interest in it.

Therefore, it is important that as a career advisor, one has to understand the industry, the product or service, the recruitment trends and how this career opportunity will help a suitable candidate in his next career step.

2Be an industry expert

It’s important for technical recruiters to have a thorough understanding about different domains in technology space. Although most of the technical skills can move across different domains, there are roles where functional/domain expertise is given more importance than technical know-how.  In such scenarios, your knowledge about domains will help you judge your candidates better.

3. Build a strong network with techies and decision-makers

Networking is a crucial activity to keep your knowledge relevant and help you reach more and more decision-makers and also top quartile talent. A champion tech recruiter should be able to network within the community of tech geeks and keep looking for the right talent.

The art of presenting oneself as an industry specialist and a thought leader within the tech recruitment space is crucial here. The best tech recruiters have deep networks within the technology community and they regularly deepen and strengthen their candidate database, knowing that it’s the quality of their candidates that determines their success.

4. Learn the lingo, talk their language

Geeks love to talk to you when you ask them “Hey… what kind of problems do you solve?” instead of asking them “Have you worked on Java, C++, etc..?” It’s important for you to understand their industry jargons and communicate. Otherwise, they would consider you an amateur recruiter who matches a CV to a job profile and gets his/her job done.

When you speak to them in a language they are familiar with and make conversations with them about the industry and current trends, they realise that you are a specialist and have good knowledge of the industry and careers.

5. Ask the right questions

Most tech resumes would list a vast set of skills but it’s not necessary the candidate is competent in all. Only a detailed conversation will help you know whether the candidate has deep knowledge in those areas.

Remember, candidates’ motive is to “pass” through you and reach the line manager. Hence, it is on you to ask the right questions and weed out candidates who are unsuitable for the role. That way, you save line managers’ time and increase your chances of making a placement.


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