This study is a collection of interviews held with those professionals, who were being assisted by Antal consultants in India, for making career moves during 2014-15, these professionals accepted the proverbial forbidden apple – the COUNTER OFFER and decided to stay back with their current organisations.
We have, for the study only spoken to those professionals who, after accepting the offer, went to resign with their current employers, were counter offered AND they accepted.

This study spans sectors in India where Antal has a presence and across mid and senior level professionals. This study and its findings reiterates the fact that indeed Counter Offer phenomenon exists across the board, regardless of size, nationality, scope of the employer organisation; and its acceptance also cuts across gender, experience and education level of the individuals in question.


1. National Head- Global FMCG major
2. Business Process Lead- Respected IT brand in healthcare
3. Consultant – Management Consulting Company
4. Head Quality- Industry leader FMCG
5. CFO- Engineering Giant
6. HR Business Partner- Respected IT company
7. Head Digital Marketing- Internet based Company
8. GM- Supply Chain – ITeS company
9. Sr Marketing Manager- Internet Based Company
10. National Head Modern Trade- Global FMCG major
Age Range: 29 years to 47 years
Management Level: Middle Management to Senior Management, CXO level
Location: Across India

Unkept Promises:
All respondents agreed that there were unkept promises post the acceptance of counter offer.
 82% respondents, who were promised a title change, still carry on at the same designation and title, there have been no changes.
 73% respondents, who were promised a change in role scope, are still working with the same role scope and responsibility.
 58% of the respondents, who were promised a compensation hike as part
of the counter offer, NEVER got any increase.Change in concerns that made up for the Reasons for leaving:
 52% reported no change in the concerns that made up for their initial reasons for leaving – primary among them were inability to manage work life balance, and limitations with role scope itself.
 83% of such respondents reported that when they spoke to their bosses about the issues being persistent, the bosses threw up their hands and firmly told them that they (the bosses) can’t change any issue/situation. Change in Morale and Motivation at work:
 55% of the respondents reported increased levels of unhappiness, decreased levels of commitment and confirmed that they are looking out again.
 33% of the respondents who were experiencing these negative emotions, when contacted for the survey, have already moved to other organisations.

On being counter offered again
 65% of the respondents have fervently and categorically commented that they will never accept/consider a counter offer.
 55% of the respondents recommend the same to another candidate who may be in dilemma about a counter offer situation.
“Be reasonable in expectations from the new employer, if the
prospective employer is going out of his way to accommodate your
expectations, then be firm and stick to your commitment of joining
the new organisation.
Counteroffer will give you a momentary feeling of achievements,
however if the promises are not kept, they can hamper your morale
and performance further affecting your career.”
– A senior candidate, who accepted the counter offer, which didn’t work for him

If you, as a candidate are experiencing any pain or concern in your current
role, team or organisation, we recommend that you have an open and
transparent communication with your boss, as they may have insights into the
business which you may not have and they may be able to give you clarity
regarding your issues.
Only, if you believe that your boss can not help in resolving issues, should you then start career advancement exploration.
Invest time in knowing what the market has to offer realistically, work with a professional consultant who will help you take the right decision for your career.

If you have reached the offer stage with a prospective employer, and you still have ambiguity and are not yet convinced in your desire to move with them, ask for more clarity rather than advance towards the offer stage. Once you accept the offer, there is increased expectations on resignation – where apart from the pain of separation, you will most likely be counter offered – Do yourself a favour- don’t put yourself in an emotionally exhausting
situation. Stay the course and abide by your commitment. If you have decided to move, do just that!
Ask yourself, if you are looking to renege on your commitment to the new employer, what guarantees that your current boss will not renege on his promises to you?


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