The Hare Vs The Tortoise

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANPAAAAJGU0OGUwNjY3LTMyYTQtNDg3My1iM2VkLWQyZDZlYmU3ZDZkMQPatience, Perseverance and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination to success – Napoleon Hill.

The younger lot of job aspirants have these elements in them in varied proportions, and we feel very energized  to meet them with that spark in the eye.They are ready to face the corporate world, eager to apply the theoretical knowledge to work, excited to make something happen, prove their worth and make some money.

When we meet them again after 1 or 2 years, we get to see 2 different  kinds of individuals. One who retained the passion and excitement, learnt from their employer, been successful in their respective field and still motivated to do and learn more.

Then come  the second category, who moved 3-4 jobs within 1-2 years, they are overtly ambitious and  does not have  patience to learn and grow. Hard work is not their game and always looks for opportunities  to take shortcuts to see success.

Both of them gets to taste success, no doubts  ..But in my personal observation, the latter becomes the Hare in the classic tale of hare -tortoise race and what leads them to this state  is one or more of the the following traits

1) Overconfidence : The short term success that they see during the early stages of their career, makes them conclude that they already learnt the tricks of the trade and they are worth more than everybody else in the organization.

2) Lack of clarity and focus :  They have a high desire to get on a fast track growth and does anything and everything that they believe will take them to success, without really focusing on their strengths and competencies. They do not spend time to understand what they could excel in, and assumes that they are good at everything that they attempt.

3) Lack of planning : They think, analyze and compare a lot of scenarios,  but ends up with no clear plan in terms of how to advance their career. They Jump at every available opportunity without knowing why they do what they do.

4) Show me the money syndrome : For some, Money seems to be the only driver for career changes. Content of the role and opportunities that the job provide are never even a factor when considering a move .

5) Overtly ambitious but no will for perspiration:  A lot of them  who I meet recently wants to be entrepreneurs. They feel they must learn everything possible in the shortest possible time and start something on their own. Thanks to the Technology and E-com explosion, they see role models in Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. I feel very positive when i listen to their aspirations. But sometimes when I see the route they take to achieve their goals, all I could do is worry.

6) Impatience: They do not want to waste any time in learning. They are too eager to implement what they already learnt, they want to see fast results, quick money, a celebrity lifestyle, and all these within the shortest time span. They also compare their life with the fast tracker next door to make impulsive decisions that they believe will take them to their goals.  How long will they keep jumping before  finally settling down is something only time could tell..

I am always an advocate of high ambitions and creative impatience. At the same time, I believe one should have the basic wisdom to understand what is right and what is wrong. And who decides the right and wrong in your life, its YOU !!

Patience, Perseverance and perspiration, however cliched it may sound, are the only recipe that made a man successful. Proportion of these ingredients are personal to you and you are the CHEF OF YOUR CAREER. Hence choose the right ingredients in the right quantity.

During this attempt, one must keep their mind open, listen to the experienced, have a clear plan about your career, execute the plan with precision, take calculated risks, stop jumping steps to achieve success, and most importantly avoid burning bridges in this journey  because you may have to meet a lot of them again on your way down.

This blog is written by Annie Mathew is a Managing Consultant with Antal International Network .She is reachable on She works out of Bangalore Langford Town office which is headed by Mr. Anil Dev.

Antal International’s Bangalore Langford Office was established in July 2009 with core focus on disciplines like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, HR, Supply Chainand Operations.

To know more about our Langford Town office click here>>

Annie is reachable on



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