Antal Values & Our Candidates

Our history of successes documents 60000+ placements since 1997.  To be able to deliver that kind of talent to our clients, we have shortlisted no less than 2,40,000 candidates and qualified no less than 18 mn candidates… that’s staggering you can say. We say it’s our commitment to our clients, to our candidates, to our process.

As we work with individuals seeking career development and enhancement, many of whom also get a life changing opportunity in the bargain, we see our Core Values being played out daily as we interact with our candidates.


  • Provide confidential and discreet representation in the market- in companies of choice and aspiration
  • Provide objective information, realistic- market grounded information to help candidate decide the best way forward
  • Aspirations matched against opportunity
  • To be able to establish Reasons for Leaving early on in the process
  • Able to recognize “window shoppers” or those with low levels of urgency to move – and professionally withdraw from the process.
  • Closing concerns transparently
  • Work out the best offer for our candidates, one they will be happy to accept
  • Work with them in critical moments in their lives, discussion with family, resigning with current employers, working with them through notice periods, support in onboarding
  • Having the persistence to stay engaged with candidates min 6 months of our lives


  • Work with candidates to understand what they want, rather than to sell what we have
  • Work with candidates through their lifetime- as candidates and later as clients
  • Guidance and advise even when Candidate is not moving through us- independent feedback
  • Ability to look beyond candidates as mere “dollar opportunities”- see the person behind the candidate
  • Being a niche specialist, becoming a harbinger of opportunities to our candidates


  • Realistic and unbiased marketplace info on compensation, title parity,
  • Offer Brokering done 80% times thru us
  • Comfort in sharing personal and intimate information, esp. family situations, impact from relocation etc.
  • Act as a sounding board to our candidates- give advice, counsel in times of doubt, fear, uncertainty
  • Live and breathe the market everyday- constant presence creates credibility, which in turn fosters trust
  • Seeking out answers to the tough questions- why the opportunity
  • Helping to professionally withdraw candidate from the interview process, if needed


  • Invest in learning best and updated knowledge, techniques and skills in sourcing, attracting and working with the best candidates available in the market.
  • Proactively connecting with the candidates, and meeting them on home grounds- industry exhibitions, seminars, workshops
  • Transparency and thoroughness in follow up ensures best candidate experience.


  • Provide linkage to best specialist recruiter for our candidates and their referrals
  • Search level services offered to candidates being engaged on contingent assignment- investing time and resources
  • Appreciating that regardless of level of management, candidates have similar needs and all need advice, counsel and support to make life changing decisions.
  • Setting expectations and giving clarity at each and every step- reducing ambiguity and uncertainty.

This article is authored by Shinu Javed Franchise Training Manager  Antal International Network.

About the Author

Shinu qualified as a social worker and spent the first four years of her career with social development sector. She worked as training and capacity building coordinator and supported 18 field centres in Gujarat. Shinu was one of the first consultants to work with Antal International’s first franchisee in India and built a business unit where she specialised in placing sales and marketing professionals. Shinu has now moved into the role of Franchise Training Manager – India in March 2012. Shinu supports all the India franchise owners and their consultants by coaching, recommending improvement and driving Antal International best practice on a daily basis.

Shinu regularly travels across all network offices throughout India, constantly challenging the Indian franchise owners to help them learn and improve on their critical skills for success.


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Founded in 1993, Antal International is a global Executive Recruitment firm with 120 offices in more than 30 countries We work with professional and managerial talent worldwide. works with many of the world’s most successful and ambitious employers. In January 2007 Antal International established the first office in India, which led to the opening of 38 offices in 14 cities. In 2013, Antal named Joseph Devasia as its Managing Director for Antal International Network, India – the man who brought Antal to India 9 years ago. Antal India today has 100+ consultants working across offices in India filling more than 3000 assignments at the mid – senior level. Antal India today has offices specialising in various industries like FMCG/CD, Ecommerce, IT, Pharma, Auto, Engineering, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction, Retail, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Defence. Clients: Over the past 22 years, Antal has worked with over several thousand clients making 60,000 placements. Antal extensive network of offices and deep market expertise is what sets Antal apart from its competitors. To know more about us –

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