Don’t miss your opportunity to get a business advice from Doug Bugie

The name Doug Bugie is synonymous with recruitment franchising. Over the past 30 years he has introduced over 700 businessmen and businesswomen in 40+ countries to the world of recruitment franchising. He is the man behind creating at least 20 US$ multi-millionaires and working on more, but he is most proud of the many hundreds of people globally who have made good, solid livelihoods by joining the recruitment industry though franchising.

Doug has also been an operator as CEO of Norman Broadbent, a large, publicly traded major brand in recruitment and in 1999 sold his own recruitment franchise organization to MRI in the USA. He has the experience gained over the past 30 years to help move things forward substantially.2508453

As the crowning accolade to this phenomenal career he now takes the helm of Antal International Networks as it’s new President.


At the age of 30 Doug ran for US Congress for Cleveland, his home town. It’s not so well known though that despite Doug’s image as a consummate businessman his background is in comparative religions. Values from his education and his passion for creating change to improve lives are brought together in his new full time role.

Doug has been an advisor to the board for years now, and was formerly the CEO Of Antal International Networks in past years, so he will be able to hit the deck at full speed in January 2014


‘Doug says,”I firmly believe Antal is in position to achieve true globally leading status. This will come about with a combination of engaging the heart and spirit of Antal Networks now and in the future as well as solid commercialism and real growth in income of Owners, plus a lot of hard work together. These elements can be combined to achieve great things for the Owners, their Teams, our internal Teams as well as Candidates and Clients we impact positively every day. We have a great platform, in our range we are the world leader, but I have no illusions, we need to keep improving it…

…Let’s join together and do it!“

Doug will be in Europe and India during January and February 2014 meeting people who are interested in launching their own businesses in recruitment and adding to the long list of successful recruitment entrepreneurs that Doug has had the honour to have helped.

To find out more and book your place, please contact:

UK: +44 207 467 2528
USA: +001 908 628 4282
Germany: +49 69 976 104


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