Induction Training Feedback

Last week, we have introduced you to our new Indian owners Hemant Kale, Aashish Shah and Sivakumar Sundaram & Pablo Olmas who were inducted last week in Mumbai under the guidance of Shinu Javed.

Here some feedback from this training class.

Sivakumar says:
“It was a great week and the training was very good and paced in very comfortable way. Shinu did a great job and made us understand a lot more about Antal’s way of recruitment. Once again thank you very much.”

Hemant Kale thinks:
“Shinu’s passion and dedication towards the entire Induction Process were remarkable and praise worthy. She poured her heart and soul in to the programme, the content and the delivery was at its BEST. In one statement, she was looking for all of us to succeed and that “giving mode ” needs appreciation.
The programme agenda was elaborate but activity focused and well planned into stages. The participative group with a combination of three owners and seven other consultants some new and some experienced brought on the table various facets and facts of the various processes as they actually run thro’. It also helped in debating over some expectations.
Antal, as an organization, appeared as an extensively process driven organization. As for myself, having enjoyed the benefits of working in a defined process driven organization my feeling was of great comfort looking at the templates and do’s and don’ts. These templates and structured approach would certainly help in bringing uniformity as an Antal Consultant and will help me build my business.
Over all it was a detailed and satisfactory experience to kick off in a systematic way.”

Aashish Shah adds:
“It was a wonderful experience, especially the design of the training program and the way it took us step by step to a level of confident head hunters.
It has also empowered me with lot of placement tools which I had never thought of while taking Interviews in my professional career of more than two decades. Shinu is precious asset of Antal and a “GURU ‘’ for Country’s head hunters.”


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