Truth About Being An Entrepreneur

If you want your career to have meaning, if you want your work to be more than just a job, if you want your business to be more than just a company, then you’ve got to stand for something. The thing is, it can’t be about you. If you want to be somebody in this world, you’ve got to believe in something bigger than you.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your career, you’ve probably been sold a bill of goods, especially if you’re a young up-and-comer or an aspiring entrepreneur. You’ve been told it’s your generation, the Me Generation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that business isn’t about you. It’s always about what you can do for others. And unless you can figure out how to make your career count for something bigger than you, you’re not likely to set the world on fire.

So what exactly does that mean, making your career count for something bigger than you?

1. It means figuring out what you were born to do, what you do better than anyone else.

2. It means exceeding your management’s expectations time after time.

3. It means delivering new and exciting services to your customers.

4. It means being able to motivate your team to go out and make great things happen.


Accomplishing things in the real world is never about what people can do for you. It’s always about what you can do for others. And guess what? If you focus on that, you’ll go on to do great things.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We are not saying you shouldn’t manage your own career. Of course you should. If you don’t, who will? What we are saying is that any success you have out there in the real world will be entirely 100% based on what you can do for others, plain and simple.

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A relentless passion in everything I do, perseverance and dedication is what I believe in!!! An optimist with a lot of self confidence, perpetual smile, never give up attitude and love for travelling makes me what I am. My forte in sales and marketing, new business development, create meaningful business relationships, And work related stress really gives me a high.... I am so lovin it ! Love to read, eat out, watch movies, catch up with friends, travel and cook. Am always bubbling with energy, passion and genuinely consult on prosperity business . Spending time with my ownself is also the highlight of the day!

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