New Induction Training Class in India

We have had  great  success  in India and  the count of Indian offices has  increased    by

another 3 offices. 2 new offices in Mumbai and 1 new opening up in Pondicherry.  normal_119__MG_2063_

We Thank  all  the  owners  who  influenced  these  three  new  franchisees  while  they  were  still  thinking of signing up, their help is much appreciated.

The induction is planned in Mumbai for two weeks; the first week of classroom style training will  be  help  from  the  26th  to  30th  August  and  the  live  fire  &  calling  week  will  be  the  following week, from 2nd to 6th September 2013.

Tony Goodwin, Founder and CEO – Antal International, congratulates the team in his words:

“Marvellous news! Well done Antal India, Shaileja, Joe, Shinu and everyone who made this happen. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours and dedication to achieve this level of success.

You are a credit to the whole of Antal International worldwide. Congratulations.”


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About Shaileja Sharma

A relentless passion in everything I do, perseverance and dedication is what I believe in!!! An optimist with a lot of self confidence, perpetual smile, never give up attitude and love for travelling makes me what I am. My forte in sales and marketing, new business development, create meaningful business relationships, And work related stress really gives me a high.... I am so lovin it ! Love to read, eat out, watch movies, catch up with friends, travel and cook. Am always bubbling with energy, passion and genuinely consult on prosperity business . Spending time with my ownself is also the highlight of the day!

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