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How do you see the franchise business industry growing in India and how fast is it growing?

Currently, the franchise industry is doing very well in India. There have been industry reports in India which present a growth rate of 35% year-on-year. Franchising as a concept is related to all fast growing businesses today; especially the sectors such as professional services, consumer goods, wellness, healthcare and education have seen paramount growth in the last few years.

Investors today look for a business model which has less risk and faster growth prospects. Franchising as a concept is a way to be an entrepreneur within a tried and tested framework and Indian consumer market is really very buoyant due to increasing burgeoning class and brand awareness. The market today is flooded with international players who are setting up in India as their base in Asia. There is definitely a great scope for franchises to grow in the industry.

What are the main factors supporting the growth of this industry and what are the benefits of franchise business for entrepreneurs?

One of the most important factors besides the increase in demand of brands in India is the entrant of many international and home grown blue chip companies penetrating the market and establishing their base all over the country including the tier II cities. The growth has rapidly increased due to faster expansion plans with the help of local flagship offices and their credibility in the industry.

For the budding entrepreneurs, the franchise business is a low-risk business to be self-employed and accomplish their longtime dream to be on their own, generate self- income and spend most of their time with the people who mean the most to them. Franchising industry offers an opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs with relatively low investment, to work under a brand umbrella, to have higher success rate than start-up businesses, access to on-going guidance and support systems, brand building and marketing activities. To top it all, franchising is a business platform which allows investors to set up businesses in their native place.

How do you see recruitment as a sector in this franchising model?

The research in the industry reveals that there is paradigm shift in the recruitment industry and today the clients need specialist recruitment partner to help them find the best people for specific roles. There is high requirement of specialized recruitment business wherein the experienced corporate professionals as recruitment business owners can help employers to source outstanding candidates from the global talent pool.

Recruitment business today is all about right positioning in the industry as an industry expert at an influencing level with the decision makers. Building a sustainable recruitment business is dependent on the know-how of running a recruitment business. Hence, there is huge demand of experienced recruitment franchisors who can train and mentor the experienced professionals to utilize their industry knowledge and experience to effect a step change in a company by placing the right candidates as well as coaching and mentoring the candidates throughout their career.

What does Antal franchise business has to offer to people who are looking at starting their own business?

Through, Antal International’s proven business model individuals learn to create a specialized recruitment business in a niche that brings them all the business they want and need in the industry sectors where they have worked for years. This gives them more time to live a life of freedom, travel, and fun.

Antal International recruitment business provides their franchise owners a comprehensive induction training for 2.5 weeks, access to nearly 20 years of IP (intellectual property), total transparency and access to all of the global clients with whom business has been done before – around 60,000 records  and  a network of colleagues and peers who proactively share clients, candidates and fees.

Antal International helps individuals own a unique brand, develop meaningful business relationships, and attract affluent clients.

What is the potential in hiring activity in 2013?

The research in the industry reveals that most employers in the global labor market expect varying degrees of positive hiring activity during the year of 2013.

Experienced professionals staying in the same role can expect salary increase in between 10% and 15% while for those who are likely to change roles can expect a salary increase in between 15% and 20% .

The shortage of talent is also driving many Indian professionals that are based offshore to consider returning home in order to capitalize on the growing employment opportunities. On the other hand, a number of MNCs are setting up new operations and are aggressively hiring professionals in India. Indian based blue chip companies are also looking for international talent to fuel their expansion plans.

Looking forward, the next 12 months are likely to see positive jobs growth with continued opportunities for qualified and highly skilled professionals across the range of sectors.


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