Recovery Signs Amidst the Chaos – Hiring in the Healthcare Sector

The pandemic has disrupted life and businesses across the globe, financial plans, acquisitions, mergers as well as hiring plans have all been affected. In March when the lock-down was announced, we witnessed disruptions in the hiring scenario, interviews were cancelled or postponed, or roles were put on hold indefinitely – absolute nightmare for us recruiters.

These times have been uncertain for most businesses and recruitment too was affected. As weeks passed and we transitioned to work from home after a few initial ‘teething issues’, we gradually started adjusting to the new normal. Now as the country opens, we are gradually seeing businesses focusing on hiring as well. Their focus is more on hiring for critical roles that were put on hold, we are seeing activity particularly for last-mile execution roles and for analytical business jobs in Healthcare and IT.”

To get a more detailed analysis on the current hiring situation, we spoke to some hiring managers in the Healthcare sector to understand from a set of business leaders what their recruitment plans were prior to the pandemic, what they appear like now, and what their subsequent strategies are with reference to hiring and managing talent across the healthcare sector. Here is what we found:

·       47% respondents said they have started hiring gradually.

·       43% respondents say they are hiring as per plans.

·       10% said they are currently hiring for critical roles only.

The pandemic has changed the way businesses function and companies will now look for professionals who will help build agile business model, products, services that are sustainable under any circumstances. The market will now change from a ‘candidate driven market’ to a ‘client driven market’.

We are witnessing an increase in demand in roles such as medico marketing, quality (training, internal audit, data integrity, etc.), engineering, business technology, manufacturing (production, operations and tech services and project), regulatory etc.

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Here’s why Franchising Is the best choice for aspiring Entrepreneurs

Business people shaking hands together

If you have been dreaming of starting a business or looking for a business model that can thrive under any circumstances, you should explore franchising. Franchise is a resilient business model that are more likely to weather the storm through. What is it that makes franchise such a robust business model and a preeminent choice amongst aspiring entrepreneurs

Here are 3 key factors

  • Established brand – A franchise has the advantage of brand name, a legacy and an already existing loyal customer base, giving a franchisee a steady foundation to start from. This solid ground along with locally/globally recognized brand name, can sustain the franchisee’s business throughout harsher times.
  • Support & Collaboration– Setting up a new business takes time and effort and be can tedious.  However, when part of a franchise model all of it is taken care of. The business model, training, brand management, marketing, you don’t need to worry about doing it all on your own as you have experienced guidance from those who have already been through the same process and can offer you top-level training, operational and marketing support.
  • Networking: By investing in a franchise, you have access to a vast oasis of experience, knowledge, business sharing opportunities, camaraderie and cordiality from fellow franchise owners. This makes you feel part of a larger group of likeminded colleagues who are available for support and guidance when needed.

Whether you start fresh or buy franchisee, your chances of success are much better with a franchise than if you were to go it alone. Franchising contributes greatly to individual entrepreneurial aspirations while offering a proven business model.

As you decide your next entrepreneurial move, know that franchising lets you make your own daily decisions with guidance from a franchisor that been through it before when you need it.


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Apprehensive about starting your own business? Here’s what you need to know if you’re ready

This pandemic has raised fears in the minds of many aspiring entrepreneurs. Are you one of them?
Well, if you are reading this article, you are obviously considering of becoming an entrepreneur.
It is natural to be apprehensive about starting up – that first dive into the pool is always the toughest but it is absolutely worth the risk. The same can be said about entrepreneurship.

We know that financial crises in the past have given rise to high-profile companies. These are entrepreneurs who saw opportunities amidst a crisis and took the leap to gain leverage on the situation.
The time that you have at hand right now is highly valuable because this time can be utilized to start creating visibility and when the tide changes, you are there to capitalize the next 5-7 years of the curve.
Waiting would mean delaying your launch and by the time you start, settle, and make money, you have lost 1-2 years of the recovery ride

Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself now to evaluate whether you are set to ‘take the leap’:

  • First, what access to cash do you have (enough to survive for 9 – 12 months), and how willing are you to venture with it?
  • Second, how much personal effort are you still willing to make, to break the odds and chase your goals?
  • And third, what is the proven viability of the business model you are investing into?

The responses to these questions will help you gauge your situation and come to the right conclusions faster. This is the greatest time to be an entrepreneur. But it is a terrible time to make excuses about why it is not worth trying. Take your first step towards exploring the world of opportunity in front of you now … let us just say, you will never regret it.

We often speak to aspiring entrepreneurs like you and help them evaluate their situations and see if they are ready to launch their own business.

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Candidate Dropouts – How you can avoid ‘Burning The Bridge”

Candidates are individuals with their own opinions, outlooks, career aspirations and way of dealing with recruiters. Like any relation, it’s important that there is trust and transparency on both ends. However, that’s not the case in a few situations.

I follow a structured process by which I first analyze and understand the individual’s career trajectory and aspirations – both professional and personal, before I formally start working with a candidate. Recruiters need to understand candidates’ motives and career & personal goals before they offer them a role. This helps build candidate confidence and thereby helps achieve transparency in the transaction.

During the hiring process there could be a few hurdles and uncertainties leading up to the offer process which must be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, there have been instances when a candidate posts the interview process, accepts an offer and within a few days’ rejects it leading to an offer drop out.

Candidates decline the offer for various reasons. Here are a few reasons that I have encountered and heard off:

  1. Salary offered: Most candidates decline stating they are not happy with the salary offered. A research states around 25% of the candidate decline the offer because of compensation.
  2.  Lack of vision to look out for a change which makes them continue with their current employer.
  3. Company’s culture: Candidates aren’t just accepting a role; they are also opting to join a company culture. When they have positive relationships with their teammates, they’re more likely to be happy in a job.
  4. No opportunity for career progression: Not a very impressive career progression plan for employees.

And other reasons include:

  • Confused about relocation
  • Counter offer by the existing employer
  • Offer trading or a better offer with other opportunities.
  • Job security in the new role
  • Designation or the job title

All these reasons are valid and candidates may have thought over them, and can be worked on too. However, what is the cause of worry is the time at which these are addressed – post the job was offered and accepted.

When companies are recruiting employees, they are hoping to find the best professionals who are honest, have great work ethics and are committed. However, when a candidate suddenly drops out; it reflects his/her ethics, integrity and level of commitment. It also unfairly questions the credibility of the recruiter; who was sincerely working and investing their time to get their candidate a job they are keen on and will excel at.

My suggestions to candidates would be that when you have a doubt, you have to address it and discuss it with your recruiter. There are times there is a solution to these doubts but only when they are addressed at the right time. You must remember When the goals of candidates and recruiters are aligned, both will succeed.

PS: this article is penned without the Covid19 situation in mind, this has added to more dropouts but the reasons are understandable


This blog is drafted by one of our consultants Ms Saranya Sruthi from our office in Chennai, Cathedral Road. She recruits mid to senior talent in the E-commerce, SaaS and Consumer Internet space.

Antal adds a new office to its growing India network

Antal International, India  launched a new office in Mumbai to meet the growing demand of niche recruiters in the highly competitive Indian job market. Antal currently has 45 offices across 14 cities.

Introducing HemantAntal’s new Managing Partner Hemant Kanugo comes with 16+ year career with a stainless-steel pipe-plant and has worked in almost all the various process from being on the shop floor to setting up different departments.

“The market is experiencing a few jitters, but overall there is a sense of assertiveness. We have been experiencing a rising demand for niche recruiters as the job markets get tougher. Companies who want expand in line with this growth are initiating action NOW to find the talent they will need in the coming years. As a network we are committed to growing our network and working diligently with our clients to hire the best talent to help them reach their economic goals”, says Mr, Joseph Devasia, Managing Director Antal International India.

Don’t delay the start of your recruitment business YOU COULD BE THE SOURCE to help clients reach their business goals through hiring the right people and now really is the best time to be building those client relationships.

To know more about us, write to me at and I can analyse how your previous experience could be combined with our recruitment expertise to help you build a successful recruitment business.

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Here’s how to nail your virtual job interview

While the world comes under the grip of Covid-19, various aspects of our life have been disrupted. Inspite of the slowdown, hiring top talent goes on…albeit few jerks.

Technology is playing a key role in enabling interviews when mobility is restricted and unnecessary travel is discouraged.  Companies have in the last few days, switched to video interviews. We have experienced this within our network with close to 60% companies moving on to digital platforms to progressively move with the hiring processes.

Video based interviews are new for many candidates and first timers on these platforms may particularly feel anxious about handling such calls. Here are some tips to reduce the stress levels:

  • Make sure you are in a well lit room, Lighting, is very important. It is important that the light is in front of you rather than behind you (else there will be a shadow on your screen and you may appear a dark silhouette to the interviewer).
  • The room you are in must be quiet, use a pair of earpods/ earphones/ headphones with a microphone to avoid any echo.
  • Inspite of being at home, you must be dress appropriately, just like you would be dressed for a face to face interview.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair and position. Position your laptop accordingly. Place your Laptop/ Computer well, so that you are not looking down at it and practice where to sit so you are framed correctly by the webcam. Make sure you are clearly visible, including your hands (especially if you “talk” with your hands, which is important to do when explaining situations)
  • Login 10 minutes prior to the interview, to ensure your internet connection is working properly.
  • Look straight at the webcam when you speak, not at the interviewer’s face on your screen. When you look into the camera, it appears to the interviewer that you are looking at them directly (just like if you were at an in-person interview).
  • It is very important to turn off all notifications on your computer and close any other software programs. You do not want to be distracted by beeps every time you receive an email. In fact, reduce the notification volume as well to 0.
  • Ensure your backdrop is a blank wall, as interviewers can get distracted if there are any distractions behind you.
  • Always have your notes in front of you. Place a small table near you with a notepad and a pencil/ pen/ glass of water.

This blog is written by Savio Carvalho, Principal Antal International Network, Mumbai. Savio recruits within Management Consulting and can be reached out at


Demand for recruitment professionals has increased by 63%…. now is the time for you to ‘Take the Leap’

While you are still contemplating on whether you should invest in a recruitment franchise. Whether this is the right business opportunity for you? Whether the current market is conducive to sustain a business? Here’s what’s forecasted for the Executive Search Industry in 2020

According to LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting Report, the demand for recruiting professionals has increased by 63%.Time to Take the leap

Talent wars will continue to rage, candidates with multiple officers and the uncertainty that come with it, shortened hiring timelines, increased focus on candidate experience etc.. The demand for Executive Search firms with industry expertise and an eye for candidates’ abilities over skills will rise to the top, with little or help from recruiting tools and technologies. So what works for you in a market scenario as such…

  • Every sector has its own complexities and recognizing and having the capability to deal with is crucial; especially when you are hiring talent. Companies are looking for recruiters who can translate their industry expertise into sourcing talent to deal with these complexities and hire the best talent available.
  • In a competitive market, it is not only difficult to source great talent, it is equally difficult to keep that candidate engaged and interested in the job offer. Excellent candidates are getting multiple offers within days. Being a veteran in the industry you can decipher the candidate’s interest and seriousness in the role.

Understanding and leveraging knowledge and expertise are what matters most in finding great leaders and building teams with diverse perspectives. The knowledge and expertise which you bring along; is what can set you apart in this new era of executive search. This is the right time for you to invest in an Antal franchise opportunity. Our network is made of professionals like you who come with years of professional experience and knowledge and use it to run their own recruitment business in India

Take your call today…2020 looks like a promising year for executive search. Write back to me if you are ready to make some money using your industrial knowledge and experience. Our next batch of pre-induction is scheduled for February 13 & 14, 2020. Book your seats today!!

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A Glimpse Into #AGC2019 – The Biggest Event on the Antal Calendar

We believe that Entrepreneurship is not a lonely journey. The excitement of the initial spark is kept alive when like-minded peers come together to share, learn and grow together and celebrate exceptional success.

0 (3)

The annual Antal Global Conferences have historically provided such platforms for its staff and Managing Partners. Our conferences provide a perfect setting to recognize high performers, be inspired by business growth ideas, network and share business opportunities and let the hair down!!


This year’s action-packed Antal Global Conference 2019 – Abu Dhabi left us inspired and 2bed9a6d-dfe3-4894-a1e7-70d18d7eb239.jpghas rejuvenated our minds. The conference stood out as stimulating, informative and entertaining. There was an exciting lineup of sessions based on the Antal Methodology  to help Managing Partners structure their business strategies and a detailed plan to double their revenues next year.

With over 100 attendees from countries including Italy, Spain, Romania, Dubai, France, Russia, Germany, India and Mexico, there was also ample opportunity to network with global colleagues and understand what makes them successful.


As always, this year too, we had franchise prospects from across the globe traveling to Abu Dhabi to experience the Antal culture, meet the Owners and learn about what makes Antal unique and exciting.

0 (1)

Here’s what one of the franchise prospects from India had to say about his experience at the AGC 2019

“I really had a great time attending this conference. I never felt that I was a guest; I was warmly welcomed by everyone. The room was full of enthusiasm and excitement to learn and grow; I could feel this in every person I met. I truly liked the philosophy of the company which every Antal staff and partners live by.

 It was a new world for me. Believe me; I never thought that recruitment business can be so big and exciting. Dealing with people and networking has been my passion for a long time. Now I can see a way where I can reach out to people and companies and help them hire the right talent. 

I once again thank Joe and Arushi for inviting me to this conference and I look forward to being part of the Antal family.”



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Scale Up Your Recruitment Business with a Global Brand & Strengthen your Position in the Global Market.

There are many facets to building a successful recruitment business, you may have set up a business that is fairly successful but has now reached a spot from where scaling up your business seems difficult.

We invite you to join us for the Antal Global Conference, where you can join many other Antal Owners, who like you run a successful recruitment business under the Antal brand name.

Associating your successful Recruitment Business with Antal gives you access to:

  • Leverage from a global brand represented across 33 countries (150+ offices) – 48offices in India.
  • Share business through the network of offices
  • Move talent globally through our extensive Network
  • Antal Training solutions for your Business to help optimize performance and boost growth
  • Regular international networking, strategy events and conferences in India and globally
  • Support in Crafting a Business Plan to achieve Yearly Growth
  • PR & Branding Support

An Event you can’t afford to miss you’re Contemplating Entrepreneurship

Get a glimpse into the entrepreneurial culture of one of the world’s fastest-growing recruitment franchise business. The Antal Global Conference is a place where likeminded people come to connect, have conversations, contribute ideas, and leave inspired to make more growth and success to their business – and the world. It’s about sharing information, knowledge, and experience for the benefit of clients, candidates, and colleagues.

The 2-day event in Abu Dhabi gives you a great opportunity to understand what Antal has to offer you as a Franchise Partner. You will also meet our recruitment partners from across the globe, who like yourself chose Antal after a successful career in the corporate world. This opportunity will allow you to interact with them and understand why they chose Antal and what it is to run a recruitment business and be part of a global network.

During these 2 days, you will be surrounded by experts, thought leaders, recruitment/sales trainers and motivational speakers who’ll use their knowledge and experience to propel you to where you want to go.

It’s the most exciting experience you’ll ever have at an event because while you explore the Antal franchise opportunity and experience the Antal entrepreneurial spirit you will also learn, grown and have fun.

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