Antal Owner Interview – Sunil Kapoor

Sunil Kapoor, who is based out of Gurgaon, has been a Managing Partner with Antal since June 1st, 2017.

Sunil picManagement Graduate from IMT, Ghaziabad, he has 14 years of experience in Global Supply Chain and worked for companies like PepsiCo, Reliance, Continental, Magneti Marelli (FCA Group). He played a key role in The Auto Manual Transmission Launch in India and is an expert in World Class Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain & Operations. In Antalhe mainly focuses on recruiting within the Automotive Industry.

  • Why did you choose the recruitment franchise business? What are the good things about working in the recruitment industry?

I love to connect with people, whether it be professionally or socially. The recruitment business is not restrictive in nature and it instead gives you an opportunity to work cross-functionally and across various industries, letting you explore as much as you would like to. At present, I am in touch with around 100 market leaders who are phenomenally great at what they do, which in turn has helped me learn different aspects of several industries.

  • How did you hear about Antal International? And what made you pick Antal of all the choices you had? sunil 2

Having worked for corporate for 14 years, I wanted to start working for myself. Thus, despite enjoying my professional life I decided to start my own venture. I was working on multiple plans, lean manufacturing services, retail chains, and automotive spare business when I connected with Antal in April 2017 which was a mutual interest of me and my wife (Rekha Kapoor, HR professional)

  • How were your initial days in the business? What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

The initial days were a little rough, especially because all I had was, myself. As I was completely on my own, the entire workload fell upon my shoulders. The consultants I hired, required time in order to genuinely perform well. So, I was handling business development & delivery, as well as training the consultants.

  • How is your business functioning now? When did you make your first placement? 

The business is running on track but doing so definitely took a lot of effort. Thankfully, a committed team, continuous BD, and the Antal process have all worked in my favor and helped in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I made my first placement in sometime within two months (Hella Lighting) after starting this business. I came across a role in the second week of my training in Mumbai. The position had been open for a year and we filled it in with 3 profiles itself! I recall vividly how happy the client was. In fact, they ended up sharing another role with us, along with a very appreciative testimonial.

  • What are your plans for the next years?

I work within the automotive sector and although there is a slowdown in the industry, I would like to keep continuing within the same domain. I am also planning on building a stronger team by next year. I want to see my office in the top 5 offices of the Antal network by 2020-21 and to achieve this I am:

 – Building a separate team for BD

– Focusing on mid to senior level positioning

– Working on ultra-specialization

  • What do you like most about Antal? 

I really like the processes that are used by Antal. This is what attracted me to be a Managing Partner in the first place and gladly, even after two years, I am in love with the processes. Furthermore, Antal has a great network of entrepreneurs, which gives you enough motivation to do better and better, every day.

  • What is the key advice you would give to other prospective franchisees that are considering this kind of self-employment?

I would strongly recommend focusing on specializing and creating your own identity within any Industry/Domain. Work on your personal relationship with top management (client), try to conduct face-to-face meetings with the top leader and keep a close eye on your client’s movements so that you are able to propose the right resource, at the right time, to the right person.

  • What’s your fitness mantra?

It’s a secret. Actually, it’s Morning Yoga & Meditation.

  • How do you balance your professional & personal life? sunil

My partner is working with me, so it feels like Antal is my personal & professional life, both. We work very hard in the office (8AM-6PM) so we don’t take work at home. After office hours are spent with our daughter.

  • Which is your favourite holiday destination?

We like Europe, especially because of the architecture and natural beauty. This year we visited Himachal Pradesh and we are planning to visit Goa in November.

  • Your hobbies?

 Traveling to explore new places, listening to music, yoga & meditation.

  • Your proud Antal Moment?

I feel it is yet to come because there is so much to achieve

  • What keeps you motivated to do the same job every day?

Other managing partners, discussions related to achieving targets, are a few things that always boost me to push myself.


Meet the man behind one of the fastest-growing recruitment brand – Tony Goodwin, Founder & CEO, Antal.

lucknow meet

If you are still wondering if Antal is the right franchise opportunity for you? We’re are giving you a fantastic chance to meet Mr. Tony Goodwin – the founder and chief executive officer of Antal International and embark you on a journey to learn and understand more about our award-winning business, globally recognized for our achievements in recruitment, franchising, entrepreneurialism, and training. Tony has built an empire in recruitment and is running it flawlessly for the past 25 years. Today Antal has grown to 140 offices across 36 countries.

Know more about Tony Goodwin: Tony is the founder and chief executive officer of Tony Goodwin.jpgAntal International. A graduate of Middlesex University, Tony trained as a chartered accountant before moving into financial recruitment where he ran operations for HW Group (now part of Hudson). In 1993, spotting the potential of the new professional employment markets in the former Warsaw pact countries; he set up his own business with an office in Budapest in Hungary and named the company Antal – Hungarian for ‘Tony’. Since then Tony and his team have developed substantial businesses in highly challenging environments across the globe, including Russia and China. In 2001, in conjunction with the group’s managing director, Graeme Read, Tony developed a franchise brand to supplement the wholly-owned organization – Antal International Network (AIN). In June 2010, Tony was named as one of the country’s top businessmen after being awarded a prize at the Ernst & Young London & South Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2010, he went on to win the same award in this category in 2011. Tony set up Antal Charitable Foundation which focuses on assisting children’s charities such as Duke of Edinburgh Award, Chance UK and Smiling Children. Tony also occasionally manages to find time to make use of his long-standing season ticket at Chelsea FC and has published the book ‘How They Blew It’ in July 2010.

To join us for this exciting meeting to understand Antal Franchise Model and the role you will play in as our Managing Partner write to Dhvani Maniar @ or call on 022 40634908/33/9930099216 and we will be happy to give you a sneak peek into what this event looks like. All you have to do then is to book your flights and enjoy the pleasant stay with us.

To know more about us visit



Finding the right fit for a position can be extremely challenging and unfortunately, sometimes it so happens that a candidate who had all the right credentials and seemed to fly through the interview process turns out to be an unexpected problem after hiring – all sizzle no steak.

Monetary Cost: According to the U.S Department of Labour, the literal “cost” of a bad hire equals 30% of the individual’s annual salary. A massive share of the money is lost in the selection process, itself. You will spend, on average 16-20% of an employee’s salary at this stage itself. The entire process of reviewing the resumes, conducting interviews, and training the individual along with remunerating a salary, can be a heavy expenditure. Such expenses can easily burn a large hole in the pocket of even large-scale businesses and completely jeopardize the future of  smaller one.

Time Spent: Furthermore, a lot of time is spent in bringing a candidate on board with the company. HR representatives dedicate hours, rather, days in sourcing candidates, screening through the applicants, short-listing prospective employees, conducting various rounds of interviews, and training the selected entrant. It is thus, a tedious task, with several stages that demand time and effort in large amounts. To add to the difficulty, it is not a linear process. HR managers are often left shuffling between a series of steps to hire a befitting candidate for the required role. Yet, sometimes the prolonged, industrious, and earnest labour is no guarantee of finding the perfect fit.

Performance Disparity: Unproductive workers are not only inflexible, unwilling to adapt, repetitive in their mistakes, but they also lower staff morale and set the bar low. Employee morale comprises concepts like job satisfaction, outlook, and feelings of well-being an employee has within a workplace setting. Proven to have a direct effect on productivity, as it can result in increased employee turnover and ultimately – loss of profitability.

Cultural Damage: A wrongly hired candidate simultaneously causes collateral damage within the organization. Other than the obvious losses, poor performers are often a bad influence within the office and don’t align with the company’s culture, causing an imbalance. Tardiness, arrogance, and unprofessionalism are other complaints you might have from an inadequate hire. The damage could be tangible, intangible, measurable or immeasurable and is usually an assemblage of all.


Time Lost: Recruitment is a series of steps, where each step requires considerable time. An HR representative will result in losing out on a month, at the least, in hiring someone. A bad hire also leads to loss of company time, due to lack of productivity which eventually engulfs the entire working space. A business simply can’t afford to spend all that time and resources, simply to fire them a few months later.

Damages Company Reputation and Customer Experience: A single bad customer service experience can turn into a reputation nightmare in today’s world of online reviews and viral social sharing. When a customer comes across a negative employee, they aren’t likely to have the kind of experience that you want your company to be known for. Instead, the level of service received is directly associated with the overall quality of your business. This is known as the halo effect, which if used to an advantage can do wonders for your company, but if not, it could create a lot of chaos for you.

So how can you avoid wasting so much time, energy and money on recruiting the right candidate? The answer is simple. To make the process easier, consider working with a recruiter. Recruiters are hired by businesses looking for employees to fill their open positions. They don’t find jobs for people — they find people for jobs. By using a recruiter, you split the workload. Recruiters know exactly what kind of talent is out there and they devote a large amount of time in making sure that the best of that lot is directed towards you. They also help you network on a larger scale while streamlining the process to hook you up with the most viable candidate around.


Aspiring Entrepreneurship?? Here’s your chance to get glimpse into the Antal culture

Wondering what it’s like to be part of Antal Network.. here’s your chance to meet our Managing Partners from the India network all under one roof

Every year our Managing Partners from across the country meet to share success stories, experiences, brainstorm future strategies, share business opportunities and enjoy some bonhomie.

If you are contemplating joining our network in India, this is a great opportunity to meet our Owners. This meeting is a perfect occasion to strike a conversation with the Antal Owners to understand why they chose Antal and how Antal has helped them establish and run a successful recruitment business. These are individuals like you, who gave up their professional careers to chase their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Join us this September and experience the Antal culture, the affability among our owners and learn from their experiences. Get a foretaste into what your life as an Antal Entrepreneur could be.

This invite is only of a select few individuals; who we think are most suitable for a sophisticated franchise opportunity like ours. Please do let me know at the earliest if you would like to attend this meeting as we have limited seats.  Write back to me at or Call me on +91 9930099216 to know more about this meeting.


Antal International adds a new franchise office to its India network

Antal International, global leader in executive recruitment business is excited to announce 1 new office joining its growing India network. Currently Antal has 146+ offices across the globe. In India, Antal has 45 offices across 13 cities

Antal International, an Executive Recruitment firm offers franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a business opportunity that will help them utilize their professional work experience and knowledge to build a successful recruitment business.

Between January and July, we had 4 new office launches across India. Our new Managing Partners come with years of professional experience and industry knowledge and this will help them lay the foundation to their new venture.

Meet Our New Owner from March 2018 Class:

Antal Hyderabad – Begumpet

Prior to joining the Antal Network Sudhakar Thotakura is a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and chose sales as his career option. He has previously worked in core IT SAAS and Product Sales in couple of MNC’s for 14 Years. He was the National Channel Manager for Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) managing sales for India. During this tenure he was the Top Worldwide Business Manager in PTC and won several Awards nationally and globally and honored with couple of Prestigious Presidents clubs. As Recruitment is his Passion, he started his own recruitment business a few years ago and has now joined hands with Antal to take it forward.

To know more about him visit his microsite

If you are keen on knowing how you can launch your own recruitment business just like they did visit Alternatively, you can call us at +91 9930099216 or DM us at for more details. You can also visit and book an appointment.

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Antal Managing Partners list down hiring red flags employers often ignore

Hiring red flags are clear indicators to withdraw candidates from participating further in a recruitment process.  Identifying them at an earlier stage it can avoid disappointments later. It can save time and save cost to hire. A glance over resumes, a conversation during the interview or over the phone call can provide hints to take the necessary steps.


5 Antal Managing Partners reveal the hiring red flags that employers often ignore and end up hiring the wrong one

Due for a promotion/bonus: Saseendran Ayikkara, Managing Partner, Antal Bangalore believes that it is important to know when the candidate’s last performance review was and what was discussed then. He says, “I always ask my candidates when was their performance review, and what appraisal cycle does their current organization follow. In the last review were they promised a hike or an added responsibility or a higher designation etc.. Is there a yearly bonus which is due?”. He further explains, “Very often candidates do not proactively mention upcoming performance reviews or bonuses. Line managers must be alert and interrogate deeply to understand the candidate’s career graph until now and how it can change. This will also help them prepare for a counteroffer and can prepare to tackle it. Every doubt that could lead to some distress in the future needs to be clarified”

Spouse’ career aspirations: Yatneshwar Singh, Managing Partner Antal Pune, Pimpri says, “In case of relocation, we often need to check on the spouse’s career. What are their careers looking like right now?  If the candidate must relocate – how will it affect their spouses’ career? Will they get a transfer to the other city/country, will they have to quit? If they quit will they be counter offered? He further explains saying, “Hiring managers should pay attention to this angle as it can play a spoilsport resulting in not accepting the offer or not joining finally. In such cases, the discussion with the candidate must include a family’s comfort & priorities. A great deal of thought and planning should be put in to ensure a smooth transition.”

Lack of Strategic thinking ability: Vishal Madan, Managing Partner Antal Pune, Magarpatta City observes, “At times, during the interview de-brief with candidates for strategic roles, there have been no strategic questions asked at all. In Interviews, wherein such questions are asked they are preceded by technical questions based on which the Interviewer has already made a hiring decision and the strategic questions then, merely stand as name-sake.” Vishal explains his point saying, “A strategic position needs a ‘strategic thinker’ and not a transactional thinker. A ‘transactional thinker’ would be able to execute things well for a sunny day scenario but would fail in scenarios of competitive responses, new product ideations, and launches, driving change, organizational growth and various other scenarios where you need thinking, planning and decision-making beyond the regular day-to-day execution of tasks. Lack of strategic thinking ability is a major red flag that I have seen Hiring Managers ignoring.”

Badmouthing Former Employers – “Some people leave companies unhappy and use interviews to vent their anger and frustrations. They may have a point and one can also be a constructive critique. However, being negative, insulting, destructive and playing the blame me – that raises an alarm.  It’s a red flag which hiring managers shouldn’t ignore” says Bhavani Shankar Managing Partner Pune, Kharadi. He further adds, “There may be instances where the candidate may be unhappy with his employer, however, if he goes on a binge of trying to put them down and speaking thrash trying to malign the employer and spreading negativity, that’s a red flag.  Negativity has no place in any workforce as it can affect everyone. It’s better to nip the problem in the bud and not select the candidate to go ahead in the hiring process.”

Mistaking Arrogance for confidence: Candidates with niche skill sets can sometimes be a bit arrogant instead of confident. An overly confident attitude can be a major red flag indicating a bad hire”, says Deepak Jain, Managing Partner Antal Gurgaon. He explains, “There is a difference between confidently listing down your achievements and bragging about them.  If the candidate is so hung up on demonstrating their intelligence and value that they forget to be genuine or give credit to their teammates – it displays arrogance. Hiring managers should avoid hiring such candidates. You want to hire a team player, not someone who will be arrogant and won’t fit in with the current team.”

Our Managing Partners also listed down a few questions that will help spot a red flag

  • Share a little bit about your company’s situation at the time of your separation? (insight into the relationship candidate has with current employer)
  • How was your relationship with your previous/current employer? Your relationship with your team (gives a glimpse on whether the candidate is a team player and on his/her compatibility skills)
  • What are your long term goals (check on plans and see if the candidate’s goals are in sink with what your company has for your employees)
  • Tell me something about your spouse – their goals/aspirations. About your parents/children (could give an insight on any unseen hindrances that can occur at the later hiring stage)
  • Tell me about achievement on a project
  • Tell me about a time when you had to adjust to a change in direction or adapt to a new business strategy, change in leadership at the top. How did you react? (understand the candidate’s ability to adjust to change)
  • Describe a time when you realized you needed additional skills or knowledge to be successful. What did you do In such a situation (understand the candidate’s willingness to learn and acquire skills the role demands)

If you spot any of these red flags during the hiring process, make a note and reassess that candidate with extra caution. Your job is all about picking the right candidate and one bad move can cause you and your company.

You want the best and these red flags to watch for when hiring a new employee will help you hire the best.


Join our next induction class from July 08, 2019 to July 19, 2019 and launch your own recruitment business

Our Induction is a 2-week Classroom Style Training Module during which you master Antal’s Intellectual Property (Methodology, Systems & Processes).

Here’s what you’re in for

  • Take a deep dive into Antal’s Award winning processes and understand the logic behind our 30 step recruitment process
  • Use the combination of the Antal international brand and methodology and your professional experience to position yourself as a recruitment leader within your domain
  • Maximize use of your previous experience and business acumen and build your own recruitment business
  • Build relationships with hiring managers and advice them on how to meet their business goals by hiring the right people
  • Build relationships with candidates at a senior level and coach and find them the right career opportunities


To know more about how you can be part of our  next Induction class, write to me at or call me on 91 9930099216

Meet the Antal India Training Team:

The Antal India training team comprises of Ms. Shinu Jose and Ms. Rohini Kunju.

Shinu Jose Franchise Training Director joined Antal India as the first consultant to be hired in the first Indian office. She successfully built the desk in sales and marketing, working through the proven business model and the Recruitment process Antal has perfected over its two decades plus of existence. Over the 7 years on her desk, she helped many client organizations start up or scale up significantly in India.

Shinu is joined by Ms. Rohini Kunju, Franchise Training Coordinator. She has a total of 6 years of experience, 4 years of which were in Training and Development. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and is currently pursuing her Post Graduation Course in Instructional Design from Symbiosis, Pune.


Ms Rohini Kunju & Ms Shinu Jose – Antal India Training Team

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